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Window Film

For major savings on your energy bills, install our Low-E window film at your firm’s buildings

When it comes to maintaining the right temperature in your organisation’s buildings, there are effectively two challenges: keeping the internal environment sufficiently cool during times of warm weather, and sufficiently warm during cool weather.

If you’ve been wondering whether a single window film could assist you in achieving this at your premises, the short answer is that it could – which brings us nicely onto the subject of the low emissivity internal window films that can be purchased from Stockfilms.

Which of our window films are best for reducing glare and heat?

The minimisation of heat and glare is one of the most popular reasons for end-users and specifiers alike to enquire to us about window film, and we have many options in our range of solar control film that will enable your organisation to achieve the right results at no cost to aesthetics.

Reflective film that excels, whether applied inside or outside

Make a striking impression with our internally applied coloured window film

Of all of our solar control window films that are designed to be fitted to the inside of a building’s glazing, it is understandable that you may have overlooked our coloured films. After all, we have a vast and in-depth range of window film for all manner of requirements – but it also remains the case that our coloured internally applied solar control window film has much to commend it.

What options can we give you for internal low emissivity window film?

Of all of the reasons for our sustained popularity as a supplier of window film to specifiers and end users alike, one of the key ones is unquestionably our ability to source the ideal solar control film for a vast range of practical and aesthetic requirements.

It is to this end that you can order such sought-after and high-performing window films from us as external and internal reflective film, external and internal low mirror film, internal tinted film, internal coloured film and solar reflective film for polycarbonate windows.

Emergency glazing film is a stress-free short-term solution

Not all window film is necessarily designed for months or years of use, and nor is that always desirable. Sometimes, it is convenient and cost-effective temporary film that best suits an end user’s requirements, as our trusted emergency glazing film here at Stockfilms demonstrates.

Why would you need emergency glazing film?

When might you prefer shade material to window film?

While we are principally known here at Stockfilms for the window film on which we have built our industry-leading reputation for more than 40 years, you may also be interested in our selection of shade material, which can represent an excellent window film alternative for certain needs.

Specifiers and end-users alike may opt for shade material instead of window film for applications where privacy is sometimes desirable, and sometimes not.

The ASWF Retro series automotive window film evokes a glorious past

There’s a lot that one might expect from a window film for the car, including good looks, durability and technological sophistication – and if there’s a brand to which one can turn and expect the highest standard of such window film, it has to be American Standard Window Film (ASWF).

Classic window film that is absolutely worth the hype

Temporary Protection film can be invaluable during building and restoration work

No building or site remains the same forever, and it may be that construction or restoration work is required, potentially putting nearby windows at risk of scratching or dirt.

It is with the aim of shielding such glass from harm that you may order the Temporary Protection film of the Opalux brand, with this solution also a good form of protection when panels of glass need to be handled, transported and installed.

What makes this window film such a wise investment?

Why should you be interested in our UV digital printable film?

Having been a key player in the window film industry for more than four decades, here at Stockfilms, we are always seeking out new and useful forms of window film to cater to the extremely wide-ranging needs of our customers.

This is why, within our extensive selection of privacy film, we are pleased to be able to provide UV digital printable film that represents an excellent solution for ensuring images applied to glass surfaces clearly stand out.

How does our UV printable film work?