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How our latest car window films bolster driver safety, security and comfort

Many of us don’t quite realise the great degree to which we depend on our vehicles each and every day, until an event or circumstance comes to pass that compromises our use of them.

You may have had such an experience yourself, driving along only to suddenly have to deal with excessive glare that adversely affects your ability to see the road ahead. Alternatively, you may have found yourself sweltering in excessive temperatures behind the wheel, or even had your car broken into, with important items stolen. 

It is such problems – and many more – that the car window films we supply here at Stockfilms may go a long way to preventing. Indeed, we presently have a complete selection of OPX NR Elite Duo films that you are likely to be happy to recommend to customers of your dealer or fitting business.

Why may your customer be interested in such renowned products?

The Stockfilms team is aware that when you are attempting to sell the opportunity to purchase one of our acclaimed car window films to your customers, it is not the fact that they are excellently-engineered two-ply polyester films that will necessarily most persuade them to buy. Even these products’ superb clarity, high-performing colour stability or accompanying manufacturer’s warranty may not be instrumental in convincing drivers to have them fitted to their vehicle.

Instead, your customer will want to know that the film you apply to their car will resolve real-world problems. This is precisely why the latest OPX NR Elite Duo films make so much sense.

You may advise your customer to invest in these car window films due to their exceptional ability to reduce heat and glare and in the process, maximise driver comfort. Alternatively, vehicle owners may be especially attracted to the non-reflective black appearance of these films that helps so greatly to enhance privacy and security, thereby also making opportunistic thievery much less likely.

Ultraviolet (UV) protection is another major reason to specify such car window films, with up to 99% rejection of potentially harmful UV rays being provided across the entire OPX NR Elite Duo range.

Different window tints for different needs – but the same brilliant performance

Speaking of the wider range, it is important that you carefully consider which exact window film of ours under this banner represents the best choice for your customer’s most pressing concerns.

There is a considerable difference between the OPX NR Elite Duo 5 film, for instance, which allows only 5% of visible light to be transmitted and rejects 43% of solar energy, and OPX NR Elite Duo 70. The latter allows the transmission of a whopping 70% of visible light, and rejects just 23% of solar energy.

Nonetheless, there will almost certainly be car window films in our present industry-leading selection to address even highly demanding needs, being relatively easy to install and then providing consistently reliable performance for the driver on a day-to-day basis.

To learn more about the variety of products that we would be delighted to bring you here at Stockfilms, and to receive advice that will better enable you to choose the right solutions, please call 020 8441 0449; we will then also be able to provide you with a competitive quote.

For both aesthetic and practical reasons, our OPX NR Elite Duo films are a winner

The OPX brand is one that we are pleased to be able to offer for many reasons here at Stockfilms – not least because in a crowded field of car window films, they cater to all of the obvious requirements that vehicle owners, fitters and dealers alike could have.

OPX window films have a reputation for catering to both aesthetic and practical needs with equal aplomb, and the situation’s no different as far as our complete range of OPX NR Elite Duo films is concerned.

From security and privacy to the utmost in heat and glare reduction

Car owners who ask your business about whether you can fit window films to their vehicle may do so at first out of a wish to lessen the amount of glare they are forced to deal with when driving. Heat reduction is a frequent desire among such customers too, with both being vital to enhancing in-car comfort.

The above are certainly strong practical considerations, as is ultraviolet (UV) protection – and those who turn to your fitter or dealer with an interest in OPX window films should be reassured, too, by the up to 99% filtering of potentially harmful UV rays that all products in the NR Elite Duo range provide.

However, your customers may be just as intrigued by the non-reflective black appearance that characterises all of these OPX window films, whether they opt for the OPX NR Elite Duo 5 option with its 43% solar energy rejection rate and 5% visible light transmission, or instead the OPX NR Elite Duo 70 film at the other end of our range. The latter enables 70% of visible light to be transmitted, while rejecting 23% of solar energy and reflecting 7% of visible light.

Such an external appearance may be especially appealing to those who wish to enhance the privacy and security of their vehicle, by having a window film installed that makes it more difficult for passers-by to see what is stored inside.

Seek our advice and guidance today about our industry-leading OPX window films

Whether you wish to discuss with us in greater detail the suitability of any of our OPX window films for the likely requirements of your own dealer or fitting business’s customers, or you would instead like to immediately request a quote, the entire process couldn’t be quicker or easier.

Simply call 020 8441 0449 now for all of the help that you could require when specifying OPX window films that represent the best match to the needs of your customers for their vehicles. 



Acclaimed car window tinting films that provide so much more than a tint

If your firm is a professional vehicle dealer or fitting business, it’s understandable that you may wish to expand the amount of choice of products available to your customers, and therefore the profits that your business enjoys, by beginning to offer car window tinting films.

You may even be moved to offer such films in the first place by customers approaching you with a specific interest in some kind of window tinting solution for their vehicle.

Tinting can, of course, provide a ‘cleaner’ and more consistent look for the windows of any cars to which such a film is applied. It can also be useful for enhancing privacy and security – but these are far from the only reasons for an organisation like yours to offer such window films, or for a vehicle owner to have them installed by you.

OPX NR Elite Duo window films cater to a variety of requirements

Some of the benefits to the vehicle owner of the two-ply optically clear, non-metalized polyester films sold under the OPX NR Elite Duo name will be less expected than others.

Your customers may be initially drawn to these sophisticated films on account of their non-reflective black appearance, which is the case whether one opts for the NR Elite Duo 5 film, the NR Elite Duo 70 variant, or indeed any of the options in-between.

Those numbers, by the way, denote the percentage of visible light that is transmitted through the given film – so 5% in the case of the NR Elite Duo 5 product, right up to 70% when the NR Elite Duo 70 film is specified. This enables you to easily recommend and supply a film to a given customer of yours, in the knowledge that it will closely match their stated priorities.

However, these advanced car window tinting films are also known for their excellent filtering of potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays – up to 99% across all of the provided options – as well as their superb glare reduction qualities, with both of these characteristics being invaluable in improving the driving experience. Levels of heat reduction, too, are good with these films.

Talk to us now about the perfectly suited automotive films that we can supply

Whether you have long turned to our team here at Stockfilms for all of your organisation’s requirements as far as window films for vehicles are concerned, or you are instead enquiring to us for the first time, we would be delighted to present you with a highly competitive, tailored quote.

The finest car window tinting films will always have advantages that extend far beyond tinting – and few such products on the market today demonstrate this quite as well as the OPX window films that can presently be sourced through Stockfilms. 




OPX window films make a major difference to the driving experience

While car ownership is undoubtedly a matter of great pride and passion for all manner of individuals up and down the UK, it also can’t be denied that it takes relatively little to mar the driving experience for many of us. How many times, for instance, have you found yourself cursing excessive glare or elevated heat levels when sat behind the wheel?

These are also frustrations that customers of your dealer or fitting business are likely to have had on a surprisingly regular basis.

This is precisely why it pleases us so much here at Stockfilms to be able to offer competitively priced, but also dazzlingly effective OPX window films that your customers are likely to greatly appreciate having applied to their vehicles.

Automotive window tints that are actually worth the hype

The OPX window films that we have in stock here at Stockfilms right now are those of the NR Elite Duo range that take the form of two-ply, optically clear and non-metalized polyester films.

We give your business no fewer than six variants of this acclaimed window film to choose from, in accordance with your customer’s specific preferences and requirements. These range from the NR Elite Duo 5 film that permits the transmission of only 5% visible light, right through to the NR Elite Duo 70 product, which – as its name indicates – enables 70% visible light to be transmitted.

Our OPX window films also vary with regard to the exact proportion of solar energy that each of them rejects; more specific information can be found on the relevant product pages on this website.

Nonetheless, whichever of these films you select, you can expect a wide range of immensely beneficial qualities for the driver. All of these films are black and non-reflective in appearance, for example, and deliver excellent glare reduction, in addition to good heat reduction.

Another universal benefit provided by these OPX window films is exceptional protection against the potentially harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays, with every one of them delivering 99% filtering.

Place your order now to give your customer peace of mind

With each of our OPX window films also being available in widths ranging from 507mm (20”) to 1524mm (60”), and comprehensive manufacturer warranties also provided, you have a lot of options before you to assist you in selecting the product that best suits your customer’s needs.

Call the Stockfilms team today, on 020 8441 0449, for a competitive quote in relation to any of our highly rated, sophisticated and effective OPX window films.


Shouldn't your customers be able to choose from the broadest range of high-quality car window films?

As an automotive dealer or fitter, you may have considered many ways to maximise the appeal of your business to prospective customers - but have you given much thought to the wide-ranging benefits that the right car window films can have?

With an assortment of leading-edge OPX NR Elite Duo window tints having recently been added to our respected product selection here at Stockfilms, now is a good time to ask yourself that question.

Stellar clarity, colour stability... and so much more

These two-ply, non-metalized polyester films make sense to both your business and your customers, in more ways than one.

You might be wondering why the typical car owner would purchase a dedicated window film for their vehicle in the first place. Protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays can certainly be one of those reasons - and sure enough, whichever of these car window films they specify, your customers will be able to look forward to 99% UV rejection.

However, there are no fewer than six OPX NR Elite Duo films that your customers could potentially choose from when your dealer or fitting business gives them the option of such high-quality, clear and colour-stable products. All of them - from NR Elite Duo 5, all the way through to NR Elite Duo 70 - are available in widths ranging from 507mm (20") to 1,524mm (60").

These car window films do therefore differ in certain key respects. A customer desiring the lowest possible level of transmitted visible light, for instance, may opt for the NR Elite Duo 5 product, for which this percentage is just 5%, compared to 70% in the case of the NR Elite Duo 70 film.

Nor is the percentage of rejected solar energy identical from one of these films to the next. Again, the NR Elite Duo 5 and NR Elite Duo 70 films vary markedly here, with their respective percentages being 43% and 23%.

You'll therefore need to advise your customers on how the results delivered by these car window films will change between the various options. There's no need for concern, though, as our professional, honest and knowledgeable team here at Stockfilms can give you all of the information you require to make the best possible choice for your customer's needs, each and every time.

Enquire now about these well-regarded automotive window tints

From effective heat and glare reduction to UV protection and a non-reflective black appearance, our OPX NR Elite Duo car window films offer a multitude of benefits to vehicle owners - and by extension, to your business as a dealer or fitter.

Give the Stockfilms team a call today, on 020 8441 0449, to learn more about our latest and most innovative window film options, as well as to receive a competitive quote.





Why should your business sell and fit OPX window films for your customers’ cars?

Automotive window films have long been a major speciality of ours here at Stockfilms, which shouldn’t be any great surprise. After all, as of the end of 2016, there were no fewer than 37.3 million vehicles licensed for use on British roads. In fact, many of us are accustomed to spending almost as much time in our cars and vans as we do in our homes and workplaces.

With such a great number of hours spent behind the wheel, it’s easy to find your experience being compromised by such problems as excessive glare and heightened temperatures.

You can bet that as a dealer or fitter, many of your customers will encounter issues like this too, which is why they may enquire to you about automotive window films that can provide an invaluable barrier against the sometimes unpredictable elements. But why should OPX window films, in particular, be your choice of product to supply to them and apply to their vehicles?

Well-rounded, dependable and colour-stable window films

We currently provide no fewer than six variants of automotive films from the highly rated OPX NR Elite Duo range, with the different ‘levels’ offering different characteristics in accordance with what are likely to be the varying requirements of your customers.

All of these vehicle window tints are two-ply, non-metalized polyester films that are optically clear but sport a non-reflective black appearance that helps to maximise privacy and security. Every one of our OPX window films also rejects 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays, as can be so harmful over time when the driver is constantly exposed to them. 

However, it is the differences between these car window tints that are just as crucial. Our OPX NR Elite Duo 5 product, for instance, transmits just 5% visible light and rejects 43% of solar energy, but these percentages are 70% and 23% respectively when you opt for the NR Elite Duo 70 film.

Bear in mind, though, that we can provide all of these car window tinting films in a broad variety of roll widths – from 507mm (20”) to 1524mm (60”) – and a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty is also included with each one.

We are one of the most trusted names in window films

Whatever your priorities may be as a dealer or fitter seeking the ideal car tints or any other type of window film, it helps to be able to talk to and source such products from a truly reputable supplier. We are precisely that company here at Stockfilms, with a more than 50-year heritage in the provision of leading-edge window films.

Call our team now, on 020 8441 0449, for a quote in relation to any of our acclaimed OPX window films.



Discover our full range of non-reflective and high-performing car window tints

Recently added to our assortment of automotive window films, our OPX NR Elite Duo car window tints bring various advantages to professional fitters and by extension, the vehicle owners who may wish to have such films applied to the windows of their cars.

These two-ply optically clear, non-metalized polyester films offer both aesthetic and practical benefits, although the exact results deliver with the exact film that is specified.

Consistently impressive, but varied outcomes

Some reasons for a vehicle owner wishing to invest in car window tints may be more obvious than others. For example, as a professional installer, you may have received queries about such films from drivers wishing to reduce their exposure to heat when behind the wheel.

Alternatively, such prospective customers may be most concerned about glare, or even wish to boost security by hampering visibility through the vehicle’s windows from the outside, thereby preventing any would-be thieves from being tempted by items stored in the car.  

Different OPX automotive window films in our range, however, tend to deliver slightly different results. You may not have been aware, for instance, that while our OPX NR Elite Duo 5 film rejects 43% of solar energy, this reduces to 23% for the range-topping NR Elite Duo 70 product.

Indeed, the first of those mentioned films transmits a mere 5% visible light, with this number jumping to 70% in the case of the NR Elite Duo 70 option.

Nonetheless, our different car window tints also have much in common

Whichever of our OPX car window films you decide to offer as a fitter, however, it’s worth noting that their central benefits are the same.

All of our car window tints in this range reject 99% of ultraviolet (UV) light, for instance, which greatly helps to shield the driver from the harmful effects of elevated UV exposure. These films are also similarly renowned with regard to both heat and glare reduction, and sport much the same non-reflective black appearance, which exudes elegance and timelessness.

Every OPX NR Elite Duo window film currently available from Stockfilms can also be specified in roll widths ranging from 507mm (20”) to 1524mm (60”), as greatly helps to minimise waste. Finally, a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty is also provided with each of these acclaimed car window tints for even greater peace of mind.

With every advantage from stunning clarity to remarkable colour stability, our latest automotive window films from OPX can make all of the difference to your organisation as a professional fitter, and the customers who stand to benefit from your ability to install such in-demand products.

It also couldn’t be easier to request a quote for any of these sought-after car window tints, by calling the Stockfilms team today on 020 8441 0449.



Add our car tinting window films to your offering as a dealer or fitter

A driver’s decision to purchase a window film for their vehicle may be informed by a range of factors, such as a desire for greater privacy or comfort, or awareness of the considerable hazard that excessive glare can represent when they are behind the wheel.

If you are a dealer or fitter who wishes to offer such car tinting window films, however – or who already does so, but wishes to enhance an existing offering – it is important to consider which films best incorporate the qualities that your vehicle-owning customers will appreciate.

In what ways, then, do our OPX products represent a new and important standard in automotive window films?

For comfort, privacy and installer friendliness, choose OPX

To a certain extent, your priorities as a dealer or fitter will be much the same as those of your customers, and in other respects, they may not be.

For example, ease of installation probably won’t be the first issue on the minds of those who wish to have car tinting window films fitted to their vehicle. Nonetheless, both you and the customer ultimately benefit from a film that can be applied to the highest professional standard and with the minimum of fuss.

However, this is far from the only reason to place your trust in our latest OPX car window films here at Stockfilms. These films offer glare reduction and ultraviolet (UV) rejection qualities akin to our highest-rated solar protective architectural films, for instance, which helps to maximise both visibility and comfort for the driver.

Another key motivation that many drivers tend to have when purchasing car tinting window films is the opportunity to maximise privacy, which in turn, can also be instrumental in making the vehicle more secure, due to any possessions inside being less visible to prying eyes.

Receive a quote today for this industry-leading car window film

With all manner of VLT shades and roll widths available, to say nothing of the comprehensive manufacturer warranties that we are also delighted to provide, OPX should be the name on your lips when you are seeking out innovative, high-performing and dependable car tinting window films as a dealer or fitter.

Call the Stockfilms team today, on 020 8441 0449, for further specialised guidance and a highly competitive quote in relation to any of our automotive window film, so that you can be sure of making the right choice for your business – at the right price.


Is it possible to purchase heat reduction window film that observers will barely notice is there?

As urgent a priority as it is for many of those who purchase window films from our team here at Stockfilms to ensure their chosen product is genuinely effective at repelling excessive heat from passing through their glazing, it is far from the only pressing need that they are likely to have.

You may have been contemplating which heat reduction window film represents the best match to your own building’s requirements, for example, and wondered whether an option is available that bystanders won’t even notice you have had installed.

The short answer to that question is “yes”, but there are also certain other factors we would advise you to bear in mind first.

Thoroughly impressive and virtually clear window film

When it comes to finding a genuinely, convincingly transparent window film – as may be desirable if you are seeking the ideal solution for a retail shop window, motor showroom or other setting for which the ability to completely see through glazing is paramount – it’s difficult to look past such innovative specialist offerings of ours as the internal Clear Heat Control (SO-70IR-iSR) product.

This particular film has strong credentials as heat reduction window film, blocking as much as 99% of the ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause day-to-day discomfort for your workers and accelerate the fading and deterioration of curtains, carpets, wood floors and furniture.

It is a film that is almost invisible to the naked eye, neither noticeably reducing daylight levels, nor otherwise altering how your windows look.

However, a truly clear window film may not be the best option for you

As invaluable as our dedicated clear heat reduction window film can be, it is important to be open-minded about what your requirements really are for your given site. We do, after all, also stock such options as low-mirror window film that provides good solar heat performance along with a neutral, tinted look that helps to make it an excellent choice for more architecturally sensitive sites.

Even our reflective window films, meanwhile, can give you the ‘best of both worlds’ in the form of one-way privacy that helps to boost security by preventing observers from easily looking inside the property, while still giving the occupants the benefit of a good level of daylight.

Enquire now to learn more about all of the possibilities

These are just a few of the highly rated options for heat reduction window film on which we can advise you when you get in touch with the Stockfilms team directly. For a suitably in-depth discussion, followed by a free A4 sample of any of our products and a competitive quote, please don’t hesitate to call our technical department on 020 8441 0449.

Protect against glare for longer with our externally applied window films

We realise here at Stockfilms that when you are in the market for anti-glare window films to better ensure the comfort of your organisation's workers, it might not be feasible to install any film that you purchase from the inside of the given building. Internal access to the relevant windows may not be possible or easy, or the type of glazing involved may not lend itself to the interior application of window film.

This doesn't mean you should give up on the idea of having anti-glare window films installed at your firm's premises, and nor does it force you to apply film to the outside of your windows that you can't be confident of being sufficiently weather-resistant.

That's because the Stockfilms team can bring you the benefit of window films that have been specifically conceived with external application in mind. Such exterior anti-glare window films have been constructed in a way that helps to prevent them degrading over time due to exposure to the intensity of the sun.

What products are presently available to order from our external window film category?

Many of those in need of exterior-applicable anti-glare window films first consider our reflective films, which deliver great results when you need to reject excessive levels of heat and glare from passing into your firm's buildings. Our External Grey/Silver 10 film (SO-10RGS-eSR), for instance, provides a stellar 91% reduction in glare, while also rejecting 85% total solar energy.

Alternatively, if you don't feel that the mirrored appearance of our reflective films is appropriate for the premises where you would like to install anti-glare window films, alternatives are available in our assortment of low mirror window films. These include such options as Sputtered Bronze 20 (SO-20SB-eSR), Sputtered Bronze 35 (SO-35SB-eSR), Sputtered Grey 20 (SO-20SG-eSR) and Sputtered Grey 35 (SO-35SG-eSR), demonstrating that you can give your buildings' windows a more muted look while still benefiting from comprehensive glare control.

The above are far from the only options that we can give you for externally applied solar and glare control window film - all that you have to do is peruse the relevant section of our site to discover all of the latest innovative and proven products that we can offer.

Could our exterior-applicable anti-glare window films be the solution to the glare problems presently being suffered by workers at your buildings? For a more detailed discussion of your needs, don't hesitate to call our proactive customer support team today on 020 8441 0449.