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Why are dedicated anti-glare window films so necessary?

Glare is one of those everyday problems that so many of us may forget even exists if we are fortunate enough to work in an environment in which measures have been taken to reduce or eliminate it. Unfortunately, glare – which can be defined as either too much light or excessive contrast between high and low levels of luminance in a single field of view – can present itself on certain premises to such an extent that solutions may need to be sought.

Your organisation may look to the installation of anti-glare window films as such a solution. But what makes glare such a great problem for many of us in the first place, and what might make our films the ideal products for resolving it?

Glare: a recurrent issue in many offices

When the light in your workplace is overly bright or direct – whether sunlight or artificial light is the source – you are likely to experience glare, which doesn’t just affect your ability to see and focus on a computer screen, as it could also be harmful to your health.

However good your eyes may be at adapting to different levels of light, direct sunlight almost always provides too much light for any given application or setting. We are all familiar with that instinctive response of turning away or shielding our eyes when we experience excessive light at low solar angles, such is the pain that it causes. Nor are we able to look directly at the sun without risking damage to the retina.

There are certain things that workers can do to make themselves more comfortable and shield their eyes from long-term damage, in settings that are affected by glare. They may wear sunglasses and hats, for example, but these are not exactly convenient or practical solutions indoors, especially when the amount of glare experienced is likely to vary over the course of the day. Nor are all buildings or offices designed in a way that protects their occupants from the adverse effects of glare.

Instead, ask us about our anti-glare window films

It should therefore be no great surprise that so many specifiers and end-users alike ultimately decide to have anti-glare window films installed at premises that otherwise suffer from glare.

With both internally and externally applied reflective, low-mirror and tinted films all available that offer a degree of glare protection alongside such advantages as heat rejection and ease of installation, you may not feel the need to look to any other supplier of these specialised, but invaluable films other than Stockfilms.

So, don’t hesitate to call our professional and friendly team today – on 020 8441 0449 – for a competitive quote in relation to any of our innovative and sought-after anti-glare window films.

Here are just some of the things our solar control window films can do

Whether it is aesthetic or practical considerations that have most motivated you as a specifier or end-user to browse and compare the wide range of window films on the market, it’s easy to overlook the many different purposes that the right product can fulfil.

Our solar control films here at Stockfilms, for instance, address requirements that go far beyond what their names may imply. Here are just a few of the things that they can do.

Prevent a building’s interior from becoming uncomfortably warm

As recent conditions have reminded many of us, severe solar heat gain can be a considerable hazard for the occupants of a building. An internal reflective window film of ours such as Grey/Silver 10 (SO-10RGS-iSR) could therefore represent an invaluable investment, screening up to 99% of harmful UV rays and helping to ensure the comfort of those using the building.

Alleviate glare

One of the most obvious reasons to fit solar control window films is so that those using computer screens and similar equipment within the building do not experience glare problems that hamper their ability to concentrate and be productive throughout the day. This could make a product like Reflective – Silver 35 (SO-35RS-iSR) – another one of our internal reflective films – a very wise purchase.

Ensure compliance with the law

While window films alone cannot be expected to suffice when you are looking to ensure a particular building meets the requirements of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, their heat and glare control qualities can still play a key role in keeping you on the right side of the law.

Alter the appearance of glazing

Different solar control window films are available to provide different outcomes from an aesthetic perspective. The aforementioned Grey/Silver 10, for instance, gives the glass a silver reflective outside appearance but makes a much less noticeable visual impact from the inside, simply lending the windows a light tint. We also offer Low Mirror, tinted and coloured window films that deliver their own distinctive results.

Slow down fading to interior furnishings

The more effective any given window film is at repelling UV rays, the longer you can also expect the furnishings within the building to which such film is applied to last without excessive fading. This is a result that can be achieved by both our internal and external solar control window films.

With such a vast range of window films making up our present range here at Stockfilms, you are likely to appreciate the tailored assistance that we can give you at the specification stage, as well as our competitive quotes. Simply call us now, on 020 8441 0449, for more information.


Reduce heat from windows with the leading external reflective window film

Being able to control the extent to which the inside of your organisation’s buildings heat up during warm weather is a godsend in more ways than one. It can certainly help to keep the users of your premises comfortable, and therefore productive, throughout the day. Moreover, when your windows reject heat gain, you won’t need to spend so much on air conditioning inside.

This is why it is often best to reduce heat from windows, rather than allow the heat into the building and then attempt to lessen it with some form of mechanical cooling. Window film can be an excellent solution for this, but you will still have another key decision to make before you can start narrowing down specific options.

Internal or external application?

It may seem logical to purchase window film that is designed to be applied from the inside, rather than a solution that has been conceived with exterior application in mind. After all, an external window film will not remain in the same impeccable condition for as long as an internal film does, unless it incorporates additional UV barriers to protect against sun-related degradation, as well as a strong waterproof adhesive that can stand up to the inevitable rain.

However, it is also possible that your organisation cannot access the inside of its windows to be able to apply internal window film – or your glazing may be of a type of glass that renders internal window films unsuitable. Examples of the latter may include some double or triple glazing, as well as laminated, Georgian-wired or heavy tinted glass.

An extensive selection of acclaimed reflective films

While we can bring organisations like yours many well-regarded forms of external film to reduce heat from windows – including low mirror films with a neutral tinted appearance – it is our reflective films that are often especially sought-after on account of the remarkable performance they deliver.

Such films include External Grey/Silver 10 (SO-10RGS-iSR), which is a 60-micron film that rejects 85% of total solar energy, and External Silver 20 (SO-20RS-eSR-4), which can be specified with a four or seven-year warranty. External Silver 35 (SO-35RS-eSR) is another well-regarded product, enabling vision through the glass both ways while still providing good solar heat and glare rejection.

All in all, we are delighted here at Stockfilms to be able to supply a broad range of options for those looking to reduce heat from windows with window film. We have solutions available to suit a wealth of practical requirements and budgets, so don’t hesitate to call our team for a quote for any of them, by calling 020 8441 0449.



Even the most specialised external solar control film can be ordered here at Stockfilms

We have discussed previously here on the Stockfilms blog how our external films for rejecting solar glare and heat gain differ in construction from their internally applied counterparts, having been made specifically to be weather resistant in the face of otherwise damaging ultra-violet (UV) rays.

However, there may be circumstances in which you seek a non-metallised externally applied window film that nonetheless still helps greatly to reduce solar heat or glare through the glazing. Thankfully, we have several such solutions from which you can choose in our present product selection.

An entirely clear solar and heat control solution is available

Are you on the lookout for external solar control film that is virtually invisible to the casual observer – meaning a high level of light and vision can be provided – while also greatly lessening the amount of solar heat occupants of the building experience?

This is a set of needs that many clients of ours – such as restaurants, shops and showrooms – have, and the SO-70IR-eSR External Specialist Heat Control Clear Film of the Opalux brand may just be the most suitable form of window film for this purpose.

The SO-70IR-eSR film’s credentials as a clear solar control film can barely be doubted – absorbing, as it does, 52% of solar energy and reflecting another 9%, while transmitting 75% of visible light. It also blocks as much as 99% of UV transmission through the windows, which helps to ensure the given site’s carpets, curtains, furniture and floors last for longer without deteriorating.

Alternatively, go for a tinted option

Opalux is also the manufacturer of a non-reflective grey/black tinted exterior grade film (SO-10NRG-eSR) that fulfils a very different need of creating one-way privacy effects. Nonetheless, it, too, excels in alleviating solar glare problems, screening 99% of UV light and absorbing 41% of solar energy.

This film may be chosen for settings where occupants could otherwise be hampered by the discomfort caused by excessive solar gain, as well as glaring reflections off computer and display screens. During the daytime, its outer appearance is a grey/black tint, which becomes a much less noticeable light tint when viewed from the inside. 

For every form of highly rated internal and externally applied solar control film, no matter how specialised your requirements may be, there’s no need to look further than our broad range here at Stockfilms. So why not call our team for a quote today, on 020 8441 0449?


Stockfilms’ internal tinted window films offer solar heat and glare control, without the mirrored look

Solar glare and UV radiation are persistent problems in many properties that can only be cost-effectively solved with the installation of window film that has been designed specifically to control such issues. However, as a specifier or end-user, you may not desire a high level of external reflection, as occurs when traditional mirrored films are fitted.

You may therefore instead look to tinted window films for your building’s solar heat and glare control requirements. Sure enough, it isn’t just an understated appearance that such films can offer, especially when they are sourced from Stockfilms. 

An impressive range of shades – and so much more

We can presently give you no fewer than four different internally applied, Opalux-branded tinted window films from which to select – namely Slate 05, Slate 20, Slate 35 and Slate 50. All of these 35-micron polyester films provide a low mirror appearance from the outside, while within the building, they give the benefit of varying degrees of privacy during the day.

It may be the case that you do not require high light transmission into a particular space, in which case, Slate 05 may be the best-suited solution. In fact, only 7% of visible light is transmitted through this film, which also offers an exceptional 92% solar glare reduction and is instrumental in alleviating the discomfort caused by excessive solar heat gain.

Similar sentiments can be extended to the Slate 20 film that provides 77% reduction in glare and – in common with most Opalux films – up to 99% ultraviolet (UV) light filtering. Slate 35, meanwhile, gives a noticeable tint to the glass and is generally chosen for aesthetic reasons, but still has strong solar heat and glare control credentials.

If, however, it is only a very light tint that you require for given premises’ glazing, it is Slate 50 that could be the perfect match. But it is, again, far from merely beneficial from a cosmetic standpoint, thanks to its ability to screen harmful UV rays and slow down the fading of interior furnishings.

Seek out the film that caters to every aspect of your application

When it comes to not only solar heat and glare control, but also all manner of other reasons why window film may be purchased, Stockfilms is continually at the ready to supply a high-quality and well-priced product that can be depended on to deliver exceptional performance for years to come.

Call our team today on 020 8441 0449, and we will guide you through everything that you need to know to request a quote for any of our acclaimed in-stock window films.

There’s no shortage of specialist internal heat reduction window film available from Stockfilms

Heat from the sun can be a menace in all manner of settings, but especially in buildings that see regular use by those who would much prefer to feel sufficiently comfortable to be able to devote themselves fully to their work. It can also force the use of air conditioning more than is desirable.

However, if you do not have the luxury of being able to fit new glazing on a large-scale basis, you may be interested in our specialist internally applied heat reduction window film that can have much the same effect.

All of our current films in this range come from the renowned Opalux brand, and provide a strong heat control performance while also not making an unwanted change to the appearance of glazing.

An impressive range of acclaimed options

Many specifiers and end-users alike ask us which heat reduction window film is best when they wish to achieve a good level of heat rejection, but don’t want to make the window any less clear or noticeably reduce the amount of daylight from which occupants benefit.

In such situations, we often point them towards our Clear Heat Control (SO-70IR-iSR) solution, which is an almost invisible window treatment that nonetheless blocks up to 99% UV radiation. This makes it a good option for reducing the strain on a residential or commercial building’s cooling systems, with examples of business settings in which it has proved invaluable including retail shop windows and motor showrooms. Such effective UV screening also helps to protect interior furnishings.

Another form of internally applied heat reduction window film that you may wish to think about include Supreme XL IR Heat Control (SO-70XLIR-iSR), a 35-micron film especially impressive in its ability to reject very high levels of solar heat and UV despite being virtually indiscernible by the natural eye.

We are also pleased to stock SO-CLUV-iSR Clear UV Control film. This film, too, is completely clear in appearance, and even exceeds the museum conservation standards, thereby making it the perfect choice of film for shielding exhibits, displays and furnishings from the adverse effects of UV radiation.

Look nowhere else for the highest-calibre heat-reducing films

You’ll find many more examples of highly regarded heat reduction window film in the broader Stockfilms range, as you can appreciate in full on our website. Whether you are seeking internally or externally applied window films for glass or plastic, we can be your dependable partners – so don’t hesitate to call us for more information today, on 020 8441 0449.

Consider our heat control films that are designed specifically for polycarbonate windows

When you have a polycarbonate window or rooflight through which the sun’s rays can easily penetrate and compromise your enjoyment of the given space, it makes sense to consider the wealth of dedicated heat control films on the market.

However, you could easily find yourself purchasing a standard reflective film that does not adhere cleanly to the plastic surface of your windows, due to having been conceived for application to glass.

This is why, here at Stockfilms, we would urge you to investigate our latest solar reflective films that incorporate a special adhesive for application to a polycarbonate surface. It’ll ensure that you do not notice your window films suffering from the dreaded ‘bubbling up’ – but these are also films that deliver exceptional performance as far as heat control is concerned.

Which films do we offer to make your space more hospitable?

There can be few better heat rejection options on a building with polycarbonate windows than the Opalux Silver 20 film for Polycarbonate that we have in stock right now. In areas where you may otherwise suffer the effects of severe solar heat gains and problems with glare, this film can be invaluable, rejecting up to 99% of UV rays and 78% of total solar energy.

This externally applied reflective film is also scratch-resistant, and is a great choice for sites where it is not viable to undertake what would be the costly and disruptive large-scale replacement of existing glazing.

However, there is another well-known solution for polycarbonate windows that we are delighted to be able to supply here at Stockfilms: Opalux Suncool. This film, too, is highly effective in its filtering of harmful UV rays, except that it is installed from the inside. It is often fitted to conservatory polycarbonate rooflights, and from the outside during the day, has a pleasing silver reflective look, whereas from the inside, only a light tint is noticeable.

Order the polycarbonate film that represents the best fit for your needs

Installing heat control films like those explained above doesn’t just help to make your space more comfortable to spend time in, but can also reduce cooling costs and slow down the fading of any furniture and furnishings that would otherwise feel the full force of the sun.

We really are committed to serving your full range of needs for window film here at Stockfilms. It also couldn’t be simpler to contact us to discuss these requirements with our team and request a quote – all that you have to do is call 020 8441 0449.





We have just the right reflective anti-glare window films for your needs

Excessive glare through a building’s windows is a menace for more than a few reasons. It is certainly not helpful in the workplace, given that it makes computer screens difficult to see, which is detrimental to productivity. This is quite aside from the issue of interiors being susceptible to overheating when sunlight comes into direct contact with glazing.

The good news is that when glare, but also to some extent overheating is a problem, we have various anti-glare window films to offer here at Stockfilms. Some of these films have a reflective outer appearance and many other features that may make them appealing for your building.

What external reflective window films can we presently offer?

The obvious difference between our external and internal reflective anti-glare window films is the additional UV protection that the former incorporate, as is needed to guard against degradation of the film due to sunshine exposure. Indeed, our external reflective films also have a strong waterproof adhesive to ensure they remain in place, whatever the conditions over time.

If it is these external, rather than internal reflective windows that you specify from us – perhaps because you are not able to access the glass from the inside to apply one of our internal films, or even due to the type of glazing involved – you have many appealing options.

The anti-glare properties of all of our films in this category are impressive. These films are from the Opalux brand, with the strongest glare reduction rate – 91% – being provided by the External Grey/Silver 10 film. Both the four-year and seven-year versions of the External Silver 20 film, meanwhile, provide 82% glare reduction, and for the External Silver 35 film, it is 66%.

Our internal films can be relied on to achieve similarly stellar results

If you are looking for the perfect reflective anti-glare window films to be applied within your building, you are sure to be delighted by the choice that we can bring you here at Stockfilms.

All of our window films in this category provide industry-leading levels of glare reduction – especially the Silver Blockout film, which lives up to its name by reducing glare by 99% and rejecting 98% of solar energy. This 50-micron film prevents all vision, daylight and artificial light through a window.

However, we can also supply various other reflective internal films – such as the acclaimed Grey/Silver 10, Grey/Silver 15, Matt Silver, Silver 35 and Silver 50 solutions – in accordance with your most specific heat rejection and glare reduction requirements.

There’s no need to accept anti-glare window films that are anything less than the most renowned in their industry. Get in touch with Stockfilms today, and we will swiftly issue you with a competitive quote.  

Which of our window films are best for reducing glare and heat?

The minimisation of heat and glare is one of the most popular reasons for end-users and specifiers alike to enquire to us about window film, and we have many options in our range of solar control film that will enable your organisation to achieve the right results at no cost to aesthetics.

Reflective film that excels, whether applied inside or outside

Such options include our internally applied reflective film, for instance, which can make a dramatic difference to the level of solar heat and glare that the occupants of your buildings experience. There are also many variants of this window film available, including the likes of Grey/Silver 10, Grey/Silver 15, Silver 20, Silver 35, Silver 50 and Silver Blockout.

However, you may desire reflective window film that can be applied even to glass that you are unable to access from the inside. Sure enough, our external version of this film boasts the necessary degree of weather resistance, with additional UV barriers to prevent the film becoming degraded by sun exposure. Meanwhile, the adhesive used for this external film is strong and waterproof. 

Alternatively, consider more neutral-looking low-mirror window film

There are certain settings in which it is not the mirrored appearance of reflective solar protection films, but instead a more understated, tinted look that is preferred. Thankfully, we have Low Mirror window film in stock that perfectly caters to this requirement, while still delivering a good level of solar heat and glare control.

Again, both internal and external versions are available, with this type of window film being an especially good choice for architecturally sensitive and listed buildings.

All of the options to address even the most specialised needs

The above are far from the only external window films of ours with an excellent reputation for glare and heat reduction. Indeed, we have non-metallised films available with an either dark tinted or clear appearance to suit more specialised applications.

On the subject of tinted window film, this is an option generally favoured for cosmetic reasons, and we are pleased to be able to offer internal tinted films in a variety of shades that not only help to control solar glare and UV radiation, but also give various levels of privacy during the day.

Ask us about all things solar protective film

With the many other heat and glare reducing window films on offer from Stockfilms right now including solar reflective films for polycarbonate windows or rooflights, internal coloured window films, specialist internal films and low emissivity internal films, we are the company to which to turn for the right solution for your building.

It also couldn’t be more straightforward to contact us for a quote; simply call us now on 020 8441 0449 to discuss our complete range of options in this category.

Make a striking impression with our internally applied coloured window film

Of all of our solar control window films that are designed to be fitted to the inside of a building’s glazing, it is understandable that you may have overlooked our coloured films. After all, we have a vast and in-depth range of window film for all manner of requirements – but it also remains the case that our coloured internally applied solar control window film has much to commend it.

These are very striking window films, enabling you to give a building’s glass surfaces a high level of decorative appeal while still providing maximum heat and glare rejection.

Which options for such window film do we presently offer?

When you are contemplating this part of our extensive range of window film, it may be our Blue/Silver 15 film that most catches your eye, and it isn’t difficult to see why. This particular coloured film gives the impression of being a reflective silver film from the inside, while to external observers, it appears as a deep blue reflection to the glass.

This reflective Blue/Silver 15 window film offers so many of the features that you could want or expect from solar control film. These include the utmost ease of installation, excellent solar heat and glare rejection and a scratch-resistant surface that makes it suitable for most non-abrasive window cleaning methods.

It is an especially suitable solution for end users or specifiers that wish to combat severe solar heat gains and glare problems, while giving an appealing decorative blue external appearance. Much the same can be said of our Gold/Silver 15 film, except that this appears from the outside as a subtle gold reflection to the glass.

Give some thought, too, to our coloured low-mirror solutions

Also taking pride of place in our current selection of coloured solar control window film are Low Mirror Blue 20 and Lower Mirror Green 30, which have both been specially metallised to enable plenty of light to pass through the glass. However, they are also films with genuinely credible solar control capabilities.

You might order one of these films for a property when you do not desire the mirrored look of traditional solar films, due to a preference for a low reflective external appearance – as is often desirable for such architecturally sensitive applications as listed buildings. This film can also be a sound choice for when it is not viable to replace large-scale existing glazing, due to the costs or disruption that this would involve.

Whatever the window film or related products that you require for any project as an end user or specifier, there’s no need to look beyond the Stockfilms range. You can contact us for a quote today, by calling 020 8441 0449.