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For major savings on your energy bills, install our Low-E window film at your firm’s buildings

When it comes to maintaining the right temperature in your organisation’s buildings, there are effectively two challenges: keeping the internal environment sufficiently cool during times of warm weather, and sufficiently warm during cool weather.

If you’ve been wondering whether a single window film could assist you in achieving this at your premises, the short answer is that it could – which brings us nicely onto the subject of the low emissivity internal window films that can be purchased from Stockfilms.

Preserving an environment that suits your building’s occupants

Whatever the type of building to which you would like to apply a window film to maintain the right temperature at your workplace, many of the central priorities will be the same. You will desire a solution that rejects much of the sun’s heat and glare so that the occupants of your building can work comfortably, but which also keeps enough warmth inside to save you from having to spend a significant amount of money on heating during the winter months.

We are proud to be able to supply low emissivity window film – also sometimes referred to as Low-E window film – that can rise to both tasks. Our Low-E Neutral 50 product (SO-50LEN-iSR) is a great case in point, as it not only screens up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, but also significantly reduces heat loss from a building during the winter.

In keeping with its name, our Low-E Neutral 50 window film has a uniform outside appearance that differs from that of our Reflective Silver 20 film (SO-20LERS-iSR), although many of the benefits are otherwise largely the same. Both of these products are low emissivity films that provide excellent solar heat rejection and reduce the amount of energy your organisation needs to use for cooling or heating – thereby enabling your firm to lessen its Climate Change Levy liability. They are also both instrumental in alleviating workplace discomfort resulting from excessive heat.

Finally, it also pleases us to offer our customers the highly rated Penjerex energy-saving film (PX-7060S), which enhances insulation on any kind of window, to such an extent that your investment in this film may be paid for in as little as three years after installation.

For all types of window film, you don’t need to consider any other supplier

We can fulfil any priorities for window film here at Stockfilms, much as we have been doing for over 40 years for those in need of the highest-quality and most suitable products, competitive pricing and an honest and reliable service.

Simply call our proactive customer service team today, on 020 8441 0449, to learn more about our window film range and the associated services, advice and guidance that we can provide for your organisation.

Do you need to lessen the heat that passes through your retail store's windows?

While we are a go-to source of all manner of renowned heat control films here at Stockfilms - catering to so many individuals' and organisations' needs for a solution that repels excessive heat gain from getting into their buildings - there can be one key drawback with many of the window films that we supply.

That drawback may be the major difference that the likes of our reflective and low mirror films can make to the appearance of a firm's windows. Of course, this isn't a drawback at all if you actively desire such a change of appearance for aesthetic, privacy or security reasons.

It might be the case, however, that you run a business at your premises for which maximum visibility through the windows for outside observers is crucial - such as a retail store, restaurant or motor showroom. There might also be residential applications for which a window film combining exceptional heat control with the utmost ability to see through the glazing is desirable.

So, what solution can we bring you if this is your particular combination of requirements?

Introducing our External Specialist Heat Control Clear Film

We are delighted to be able to supply external clear heat control films (SO-70IR-eSR) produced by the acclaimed and trusted Opalux brand, and which preserve maximum light and vision through glass at the same time as delivering up to 99% rejection of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

When these films are installed at the premises of your shop, restaurant, motor showroom or similar public-facing business, visitors to the site are likely to barely notice the presence of these heat control films, such is their virtually clear appearance.

But at the same time, your firm's curtains, carpets, wood floors and furniture will be protected much more effectively against the excessive fading and deterioration that can so easily occur in workplaces with elevated levels of solar heat gain. It is an especially appropriate window film to fit when you aren't concerned about controlling glare at the property, perhaps because you have ensured this through other means such as the use of curtains, blinds or awnings.

Finally, this highly reputable film is also quick to install and incorporates a scratch-resistant coating, which helps to guard against potential vandalism at your business site.

Enquire today about our industry-leading heat control films

Whether the reduction of heat, glare control, aesthetics or something else is your uppermost priority when you are in the market for window film, the Stockfilms team can present you with the solutions that cater to even the most specialised requirements. It also couldn't be easier to take that first step, by calling us on 020 8441 0449 for a free A4 sample or highly competitive quote.

5 functions of our glare reduction window film other than reducing glare

No occupant or user of a building – whether residential or commercial – will wish to have to deal with elevated levels of glare that could hamper their comfort and productivity. This is precisely why, here at Stockfilms, we have long been so committed to supplying a vast range of trusted and proven options for glare reduction window film.

However, it is not merely impressive results with regard to the minimisation of glare that you can look forward to as a purchaser of these window films, with other potential benefits outlined below.

Lessening the effects of excessive heat

While the summer may have officially come to an end, this does not necessarily mean an end to the risk of elevated heat levels in your buildings, not least given the unseasonal weather trends that we have seen so often this year – and which the Met Office has said could last as long as October

The workers in your company’s offices may therefore be greatly thankful for the installation of such a window film at your premises as our internally applied reflective Grey/Silver 10 (SO-10RGS-iSR) solution, which filters up to 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays and rejects 79% of total solar energy.

Protecting furnishings from rapid deterioration

While there is relatively little to be done about interior furnishings gradually fading or otherwise diminishing in condition over time to such an extent that they will eventually need to be replaced, when they are exposed to the full force of the sun on a daily basis, the process can be greatly accelerated.

The fitting of an appropriate glare reduction window film from our range may therefore be instrumental in keeping valuable furnishings and artworks in optimum condition for longer.

Providing a dash of vibrant colour

You may have noticed certain organisations making use of what you may have presumed to be coloured glazing, not realising that it was film applied to the glass that was responsible for this eye-catching hue, as well as that such film also served as effective glare reduction window film.

Our assortment of internal coloured window film may therefore be of great interest to you, with our Blue/Silver 15 (SO-15BL-iSR) product from the Opalux brand, for example, able to reduce glare by an astonishing 84%.

Maximising privacy

It can be distracting for those within a building to feel that they are being watched while they are trying to work or otherwise make use of your premises, and it may be that a certain room that did not greatly need to be kept private before has had a change of use necessitating a much higher level of privacy.

It is for such a reason that you may enquire about one of our solar reflective films such as Matt Silver 20 (SS-932), which provides superior two-way privacy alongside 83% glare reduction.

Making your conservatory a pleasanter place to be

Not all of our glare reduction window film is designed to be applied solely to glass. Indeed, we have solutions available that have been manufactured with a special adhesive, thereby enabling them to be applied to plastics without bubbling up.

Both our Silver 20 (SO-20RS-eBFSR) and Suncool (SO-10SC-iBF) products for polycarbonate roofs boast formidable glare reduction qualities, of 80% and 88% respectively.

When you shop for glare reduction window film from Stockfilms, whatever product you select will never be solely glare reduction window film. Call 020 8441 0449 today, and we will be happy to advise you on your requirements and provide a competitive quote.

Excessive heat in the workplace isn’t merely a health and safety issue

Whenever the subject arises of overly high heat levels in the workplace, many people’s thoughts naturally turn to the potential for the workers themselves to overheat and experience adverse effects to their health and safety.

This is a subject that has obviously returned to the forefront of a great number of employers’ and employees’ minds amid the elevated temperatures that have been widely reported this past summer. However, it isn’t just concerns about the health and safety of the users of your buildings that may prompt you to invest in a solution like heat reduction window film from Stockfilms.

Heat stress should be a real worry, for more reasons than one

Nobody likes to work in overly hot conditions, and the associated health risks obviously play a great part in this. The possibility of heat stress – which occurs when the body’s means of controlling its internal temperature begin to fail – can be a worry not just at the height of summer, but right through the year in certain work settings, such as bakeries, foundries and smelting operations.

Such symptoms as an inability to concentrate, muscle cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke – the latter the most severe disorder that can be fatal if not detected at an early stage – show that excessive heat in the workplace can definitely be a health and safety issue.

However, even if your own organisation’s workplace is the kind where your workers are generally unlikely to experience such extremes of temperature, higher than average heat levels can still be a concern. Your workers may find it harder to concentrate, for example, which could impact on their productivity, or they may adopt measures such as removing clothes or attempting to move to an area of shade in the workplace, which is far from convenient for anyone. 

Then, there is the legal dimension. Internal workplaces are subject to the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, which legally oblige employers to provide a ‘reasonable’ temperature in the workplace. This is just one more reason why you may consider fitting heat reduction window film, as we can supply here at Stockfilms.

We can provide the window film that caters to your specific needs

Whatever your organisation requires from heat reduction window film – which may also include such characteristics as glare reduction and suitability to be installed on the inside or outside of your building’s glazing – Stockfilms can discuss this with you and present the solution that will serve your business well for years to come.

Call our technical team today on 020 8441 0449, so that we can recommend the most appropriate heat reduction window film for your own firm’s workplace, in addition to a competitive quote. 

Our internal low mirror window film strikes a great balance between appearance, solar heat and glare control

It’s difficult to know where to start in any discussion of our low mirror window films for internal application here at Stockfilms, not least because they have such profound benefits from both an aesthetic and practical standpoint.

Yes, these window films may deliver great performance as far as solar heat and glare control are concerned, but they are also frequently chosen on account of their understated, less reflective appearance compared to some other films you may be tempted to consider.

The even better news is that we offer you a wealth of such low mirror window films here at Stockfilms to ensure you benefit from the right solution for your own building.

Browse many different forms of this well-regarded window film

When you are choosing between our various types of non-trade internal low mirror window film, you will ultimately be opting for either a Bronze or Grey finish in any of a number of densities.

Our low mirror films are especially often purchased by those seeking the most appropriate solution for an architecturally sensitive or listed building, although the exact visual impression that is given can differ from one such film to the next.

While such a solution as Bronze 35, for example, is still a relatively neutral-looking window film, it does present a subtle coppery tint. Our Neutral Grey films, meanwhile, similarly live up to their name with regard to their appearance, with just the right tint for those buildings that would not suit reflective window film.

But as aforementioned, our internal low mirror window films are also excellent at solar heat and glare control, with the Bronze 20 film, for instance, rejecting as much as 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays while also achieving 77% glare reduction. The statistics are similarly impressive for our Neutral Grey 20 film, with the 80% less glare that it delivers and, again, 99% UV rejection.

For a better-looking and more comfortable building, look to our window film

Solar heat and glare control are priorities that are often considered hand in hand, and they are important for many reasons, including so that the furniture and fittings inside a building can be kept in optimum condition for longer. However, comfort is also vital if the users of such buildings are to be able to work efficiently and productively, and window films that reduce glare and heat can be instrumental in ensuring this.

These practical matters don’t have to conflict with the need to choose a suitably tasteful and subtle-looking window film. That’s because all of these requirements can be catered for by our own internal low mirror films here at Stockfilms, as well as at the competitive prices that you would expect when you contact our team for a quote.

Why are dedicated anti-glare window films so necessary?

Glare is one of those everyday problems that so many of us may forget even exists if we are fortunate enough to work in an environment in which measures have been taken to reduce or eliminate it. Unfortunately, glare – which can be defined as either too much light or excessive contrast between high and low levels of luminance in a single field of view – can present itself on certain premises to such an extent that solutions may need to be sought.

Your organisation may look to the installation of anti-glare window films as such a solution. But what makes glare such a great problem for many of us in the first place, and what might make our films the ideal products for resolving it?

Glare: a recurrent issue in many offices

When the light in your workplace is overly bright or direct – whether sunlight or artificial light is the source – you are likely to experience glare, which doesn’t just affect your ability to see and focus on a computer screen, as it could also be harmful to your health.

However good your eyes may be at adapting to different levels of light, direct sunlight almost always provides too much light for any given application or setting. We are all familiar with that instinctive response of turning away or shielding our eyes when we experience excessive light at low solar angles, such is the pain that it causes. Nor are we able to look directly at the sun without risking damage to the retina.

There are certain things that workers can do to make themselves more comfortable and shield their eyes from long-term damage, in settings that are affected by glare. They may wear sunglasses and hats, for example, but these are not exactly convenient or practical solutions indoors, especially when the amount of glare experienced is likely to vary over the course of the day. Nor are all buildings or offices designed in a way that protects their occupants from the adverse effects of glare.

Instead, ask us about our anti-glare window films

It should therefore be no great surprise that so many specifiers and end-users alike ultimately decide to have anti-glare window films installed at premises that otherwise suffer from glare.

With both internally and externally applied reflective, low-mirror and tinted films all available that offer a degree of glare protection alongside such advantages as heat rejection and ease of installation, you may not feel the need to look to any other supplier of these specialised, but invaluable films other than Stockfilms.

So, don’t hesitate to call our professional and friendly team today – on 020 8441 0449 – for a competitive quote in relation to any of our innovative and sought-after anti-glare window films.

Here are just some of the things our solar control window films can do

Whether it is aesthetic or practical considerations that have most motivated you as a specifier or end-user to browse and compare the wide range of window films on the market, it’s easy to overlook the many different purposes that the right product can fulfil.

Our solar control films here at Stockfilms, for instance, address requirements that go far beyond what their names may imply. Here are just a few of the things that they can do.

Prevent a building’s interior from becoming uncomfortably warm

As recent conditions have reminded many of us, severe solar heat gain can be a considerable hazard for the occupants of a building. An internal reflective window film of ours such as Grey/Silver 10 (SO-10RGS-iSR) could therefore represent an invaluable investment, screening up to 99% of harmful UV rays and helping to ensure the comfort of those using the building.

Alleviate glare

One of the most obvious reasons to fit solar control window films is so that those using computer screens and similar equipment within the building do not experience glare problems that hamper their ability to concentrate and be productive throughout the day. This could make a product like Reflective – Silver 35 (SO-35RS-iSR) – another one of our internal reflective films – a very wise purchase.

Ensure compliance with the law

While window films alone cannot be expected to suffice when you are looking to ensure a particular building meets the requirements of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, their heat and glare control qualities can still play a key role in keeping you on the right side of the law.

Alter the appearance of glazing

Different solar control window films are available to provide different outcomes from an aesthetic perspective. The aforementioned Grey/Silver 10, for instance, gives the glass a silver reflective outside appearance but makes a much less noticeable visual impact from the inside, simply lending the windows a light tint. We also offer Low Mirror, tinted and coloured window films that deliver their own distinctive results.

Slow down fading to interior furnishings

The more effective any given window film is at repelling UV rays, the longer you can also expect the furnishings within the building to which such film is applied to last without excessive fading. This is a result that can be achieved by both our internal and external solar control window films.

With such a vast range of window films making up our present range here at Stockfilms, you are likely to appreciate the tailored assistance that we can give you at the specification stage, as well as our competitive quotes. Simply call us now, on 020 8441 0449, for more information.


Reduce heat from windows with the leading external reflective window film

Being able to control the extent to which the inside of your organisation’s buildings heat up during warm weather is a godsend in more ways than one. It can certainly help to keep the users of your premises comfortable, and therefore productive, throughout the day. Moreover, when your windows reject heat gain, you won’t need to spend so much on air conditioning inside.

This is why it is often best to reduce heat from windows, rather than allow the heat into the building and then attempt to lessen it with some form of mechanical cooling. Window film can be an excellent solution for this, but you will still have another key decision to make before you can start narrowing down specific options.

Internal or external application?

It may seem logical to purchase window film that is designed to be applied from the inside, rather than a solution that has been conceived with exterior application in mind. After all, an external window film will not remain in the same impeccable condition for as long as an internal film does, unless it incorporates additional UV barriers to protect against sun-related degradation, as well as a strong waterproof adhesive that can stand up to the inevitable rain.

However, it is also possible that your organisation cannot access the inside of its windows to be able to apply internal window film – or your glazing may be of a type of glass that renders internal window films unsuitable. Examples of the latter may include some double or triple glazing, as well as laminated, Georgian-wired or heavy tinted glass.

An extensive selection of acclaimed reflective films

While we can bring organisations like yours many well-regarded forms of external film to reduce heat from windows – including low mirror films with a neutral tinted appearance – it is our reflective films that are often especially sought-after on account of the remarkable performance they deliver.

Such films include External Grey/Silver 10 (SO-10RGS-iSR), which is a 60-micron film that rejects 85% of total solar energy, and External Silver 20 (SO-20RS-eSR-4), which can be specified with a four or seven-year warranty. External Silver 35 (SO-35RS-eSR) is another well-regarded product, enabling vision through the glass both ways while still providing good solar heat and glare rejection.

All in all, we are delighted here at Stockfilms to be able to supply a broad range of options for those looking to reduce heat from windows with window film. We have solutions available to suit a wealth of practical requirements and budgets, so don’t hesitate to call our team for a quote for any of them, by calling 020 8441 0449.



Even the most specialised external solar control film can be ordered here at Stockfilms

We have discussed previously here on the Stockfilms blog how our external films for rejecting solar glare and heat gain differ in construction from their internally applied counterparts, having been made specifically to be weather resistant in the face of otherwise damaging ultra-violet (UV) rays.

However, there may be circumstances in which you seek a non-metallised externally applied window film that nonetheless still helps greatly to reduce solar heat or glare through the glazing. Thankfully, we have several such solutions from which you can choose in our present product selection.

An entirely clear solar and heat control solution is available

Are you on the lookout for external solar control film that is virtually invisible to the casual observer – meaning a high level of light and vision can be provided – while also greatly lessening the amount of solar heat occupants of the building experience?

This is a set of needs that many clients of ours – such as restaurants, shops and showrooms – have, and the SO-70IR-eSR External Specialist Heat Control Clear Film of the Opalux brand may just be the most suitable form of window film for this purpose.

The SO-70IR-eSR film’s credentials as a clear solar control film can barely be doubted – absorbing, as it does, 52% of solar energy and reflecting another 9%, while transmitting 75% of visible light. It also blocks as much as 99% of UV transmission through the windows, which helps to ensure the given site’s carpets, curtains, furniture and floors last for longer without deteriorating.

Alternatively, go for a tinted option

Opalux is also the manufacturer of a non-reflective grey/black tinted exterior grade film (SO-10NRG-eSR) that fulfils a very different need of creating one-way privacy effects. Nonetheless, it, too, excels in alleviating solar glare problems, screening 99% of UV light and absorbing 41% of solar energy.

This film may be chosen for settings where occupants could otherwise be hampered by the discomfort caused by excessive solar gain, as well as glaring reflections off computer and display screens. During the daytime, its outer appearance is a grey/black tint, which becomes a much less noticeable light tint when viewed from the inside. 

For every form of highly rated internal and externally applied solar control film, no matter how specialised your requirements may be, there’s no need to look further than our broad range here at Stockfilms. So why not call our team for a quote today, on 020 8441 0449?


Stockfilms’ internal tinted window films offer solar heat and glare control, without the mirrored look

Solar glare and UV radiation are persistent problems in many properties that can only be cost-effectively solved with the installation of window film that has been designed specifically to control such issues. However, as a specifier or end-user, you may not desire a high level of external reflection, as occurs when traditional mirrored films are fitted.

You may therefore instead look to tinted window films for your building’s solar heat and glare control requirements. Sure enough, it isn’t just an understated appearance that such films can offer, especially when they are sourced from Stockfilms. 

An impressive range of shades – and so much more

We can presently give you no fewer than four different internally applied, Opalux-branded tinted window films from which to select – namely Slate 05, Slate 20, Slate 35 and Slate 50. All of these 35-micron polyester films provide a low mirror appearance from the outside, while within the building, they give the benefit of varying degrees of privacy during the day.

It may be the case that you do not require high light transmission into a particular space, in which case, Slate 05 may be the best-suited solution. In fact, only 7% of visible light is transmitted through this film, which also offers an exceptional 92% solar glare reduction and is instrumental in alleviating the discomfort caused by excessive solar heat gain.

Similar sentiments can be extended to the Slate 20 film that provides 77% reduction in glare and – in common with most Opalux films – up to 99% ultraviolet (UV) light filtering. Slate 35, meanwhile, gives a noticeable tint to the glass and is generally chosen for aesthetic reasons, but still has strong solar heat and glare control credentials.

If, however, it is only a very light tint that you require for given premises’ glazing, it is Slate 50 that could be the perfect match. But it is, again, far from merely beneficial from a cosmetic standpoint, thanks to its ability to screen harmful UV rays and slow down the fading of interior furnishings.

Seek out the film that caters to every aspect of your application

When it comes to not only solar heat and glare control, but also all manner of other reasons why window film may be purchased, Stockfilms is continually at the ready to supply a high-quality and well-priced product that can be depended on to deliver exceptional performance for years to come.

Call our team today on 020 8441 0449, and we will guide you through everything that you need to know to request a quote for any of our acclaimed in-stock window films.