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Architectural Films

Emergency Glazing Film

Emergency glazing film is a heavy-duty temporary film that is applied to a window once the glass has been broken. It is used to keep the glass safe and prevent the glass from cracking further when it is being removed from the frame. It is a short term, cost effective solution while you wait for the glass to be removed. The Emergency Glazing film is a clear polyester which means it doesn’t hinder the vision through or prevent light into the room but is also more visually appealing than a boarded up window.


Temporary Protection

Temporary Protection film is a thin polyester with a low-tac and an easy peel therefore it removes cleanly with no glue residue and is easy to work with. It is suitable for protecting the glass against dirt or scratching during building work or restorations. It also protects the surfaces when handling, transporting and installing panels of glass.