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Cleaning and care instructions

Opalux window film is a robust, durable product installed by trained professionals. If you observe some changes over the first 2 weeks, they are a natural part of the bonding process.

Please note the following:

  • Do not clean the glass during the drying period. The sun acts as a catalyst, ensuring that the adhesive thoroughly bonds the film to the glass. The adhesive withstands condensation, high humidity, and window flexing. Window surfaces with a northern exposure may require longer drying times.
  • Water bubbles will disappear. A few small particles or “points” may remain. They are generally visible only from the outside. Inherent to film adhesives, these points are light reflections.
  • A slightly hazy or milky appearance caused by water between the film and the glass at the outset sometimes appears. Don’t be concerned, it will disappear.
  • The barely visible, clear border around the edges ensures that the film is properly bonded to the glass.
  • An almost invisible extra fine butt splice appears on very wide windows that require two sections of film to be completely covered.
  • For best cleaning results, do not clean the film for 30 days after installation. Do not use brushes, pure ammonia, industrial strength cleaners, or solutions that contain abrasive materials. Always use a soft clean cloth to wash and dry your windows. Avoid coarse paper towels. A rubber squeegee may also be used.
  • Should Safety and Security films inadvertently receive deep scratches or cuts, contact your dealer for immediate replacement.