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Film Removal

Window film can be easy to remove depending on what type of window film it is or how long it has been on the glass for. The longer the window film has been up the harder it is to remove as the film will break into smaller pieces when trying to peel it off the glass. 

You will need:

  • 6” Razor scraper
  • Razor scraper replacements
  • Soapy water solution (1tsp soap to 1 pint of water)
  • Newspaper
  • Window Cleaning squeegee
  • Window Cloth
  • Rapid Remover (if using alternative method)

How to:

  • Peel the film off the window, this may come off neatly or may remove in small pieces.
  • Once all the film has been removed the adhesive will be left of the glass.
  • Spray the adhesive with the soapy water solution and make sure it is well covered as it will be easier to remove.
  • Apply sheets of newspaper to the adhesive and leave for about 20 mins.  If the adhesive hasn’t softened in this time leave the newspaper up for a while longer.
  • Once the adhesive has softened scrape the adhesive off with the razor scrapers. Ensure that your apply pressure to remove the adhesive but not too much pressure that it scratches the glass – see note below.
  • Once the adhesive has been removed clean the glass with the soapy solution and cleaning squeegee. Then dry with the window cloth.
  • TIP: if you are trying to deal with larger panels score the film into sections and take each section at a time to make it easier.


Alternative method – Rapid Remover:

This alternative method is a quick way to remove film but if you leave any solution on your tools or on the window, it will break down the adhesive on the film you apply next. It is generally recommended to replace your tools after using this solution. 

  • Once the film has been removed and the adhesive is accessible apply the rapid remover neat to the adhesive and leave to soak for 60 seconds or so.
  • Scrape the adhesive off with the razor scraper, ensure all the adhesive/solution has been removed.
  • Clean the window well with the soapy water solution and window cleaning squeegee.
  • Ensure the window is thoroughly clean if you are replacing film as if there is any residue left on the window it will start the break down the adhesive in the new film.

NOTE: to minimise the risk in scratching the glass ensure the blade is very sharp and change it often. Also keep the window and the blade well lubricated with a soapy water solution. On float and laminated glass the risk is very low however there is a higher risk on toughened glass so take more precaution when using this type of glass.