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Separating the facts from the myths about window film

A lot of things are frequently said about both automotive and architectural window film – including bombastic claims and sensationalised warnings that might not bear much scrutiny in reality.

As one of the UK’s premier window film specialists here at Stockfilm, we therefore decided to take a closer look at some of the things that you should and shouldn’t worry about when it comes to the various and wide-ranging products in our range.

Yes, external films can be applied internally

External window film is suitable for internal application, although unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the external use of internal films. This is because the way internal film is processed renders it unable to withstand external weather and UV rays.

Nor would we recommend the installation of architectural window film on auto glass; for that purpose, we would point you in the direction of our dedicated automotive window films

No, window film shouldn’t be installed by just anyone

Window film is a specialised product that requires specialised expertise and skills as far as its handling and application are concerned. We would always recommend that you have your window film fitted by a professional installer who realises just how fragile and easily damaged it can be.

Yes, those worrying water bubbles will disappear

It is understandable that you may be concerned by the visibility of a few small particles or “points” after installation. However, you shouldn’t be, as they are mere light reflections that are inherent to film adhesives.

In any case, such bubbles can generally only be seen from the outside and will disappear over time.

No, you can’t expect constant one-way privacy

However much we might wish otherwise, there is unfortunately no window film on the market that can provide complete one-way privacy on a 24-hour basis.

This is due to the way one-way privacy films work – they are dependent on the light level on each side of the glass, so at night or any other time when it is darker on the ‘public’ side than on the ‘private’ side, the actual privacy provided reverses.

Yes, baby shampoo can be used for your slip solution

As detailed in our comprehensive window film installation guide, when you are preparing the glass for the film to be applied, you are advised to make a slip solution in a spray bottle, using one teaspoon of Film-on Application solution to one pint of cold water.

While we would certainly recommend Film-on Application solution above all alternatives – and it can be purchased from Stockfilms – there is also the option of using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo if you have this to hand.


Would you like to learn more about the suitability or otherwise of certain window film solutions for certain purposes? If so, we would urge you to consult our wider Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section or contact our team directly, so that we can advise and guide you.



For unique control of the view outside, choose our Vision Control Film

Long-time users of the highly innovative Lumisty window film will be well aware of how effective this film is in controlling what is visible or hidden from sight. Unfortunately, this product is now discontinued, but an alternative exists in the form of the Vision Control Film that we are delighted to be able to offer here at Stockfilms.

Like Lumisty, our Vision Control Film provides a unique way of controlling the view through the window. From certain angles, this film provides a clear view through the glass, but from other angles, the view becomes frosted.

There are four types of Vision Control Film to choose from – namely Clear-Misty-Clear (X-1515), Misty-Clear-Clear (Y-2555), Misty-Clear-Misty (Z-2555) and Misty-Misty/Clear-Clear (W-0055). Such a product range maximises the breadth of possibility for controlling visibility through your firm’s windows, while creating a novel effect for everyone who passes by the glass.

A truly impressive unconventional window film

Choose Vision Control Film when you require a window film that transmits approximately 88% of the visible light, regardless of whether it is clear or frosted. This film also significantly cuts damaging UV light transmission and protects the glass against shattering in the event of breakage, its hard-coated surface even helping to minimise scratches.

What do you need to bear in mind when installing this film?

In view of the unique and delicate nature of Vision Control Film, it is important to take certain precautions before, during and after installation.

These precautions include only installing the film in interior settings on flat glass surfaces, and not in places characterised by high humidity or high temperatures, such as bathrooms, swimming pools or outdoor environments.

It is also recommended that in view of this window film’s thickness and directional effect, installation is only carried out by highly skilled and professional window installers. A test installation should be undertaken before definitive application.

Finally, for maintenance purposes, it is advised that this window film is treated in the same way as an LCD monitor, again in recognition of its unique and delicate nature.

Place your order from Stockfilms today

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We are premier stockists and distributors for many of the leading forms of architectural and automotive window film available today, and can provide the solutions that best suit your requirements – at the right price.  



What coloured vinyl window film do we have to offer?

Among our extensive selection of lesser-known architectural window film – including such options as patterned and decorative films, manifestation dots and anti-fog films – you may have noticed that we also offer various coloured vinyls.

But what do these films actually do, and which options in our range might represent the best match for your organisation’s needs?

We provide coloured vinyl for every conceivable requirement

Our broad current range of coloured vinyl window film is courtesy of MACtac, which is one of the most trusted brands producing this sought-after category of film.

By maintaining a strong relationship with MACtac, we are able to bring you such options as MACal 9700 Pro Vinyls. These are translucent films that enable you to enhance the privacy of your firm’s rooms in a unique and creative manner, while still permitting the entrance of plenty of natural light.

However, if it is transparent coloured vinyl that you are seeking, it is the MACcrystal 8400 window film that may be best suited to your needs. This glossy transparent film is a great choice of decorative film, enabling you to improve the appearance of the glass at your organisations’ premises without compromising the ability to see through.

In some settings, however, it may be opaque coloured vinyl that you feel is the most suitable type of window film. In that case, you are sure to appreciate the MACal 9800 Pro Vinyls, which deliver impressive performance for long-term interior and exterior graphic applications.

You have three choices to make as far as MACal 9800 Pro is concerned – namely Black, White and Colour. All of these films have been designed to last for between five and seven years when applied, their remarkable durability ensured by their specially formulated acrylic adhesive coating.

All MACal 9800 Pro options are also 66-micron films, with the Black and White versions available in widths of 1219mm (48”) or 1524mm (60”). The Colour version can be specified in the former of those two widths, and like the aforementioned two films, is supplied in a standard 50m (164’) roll length. There are also 99 colours to choose from, which enables this film to provide the perfect solution in all manner of interior and exterior spaces.

Contact us now to receive a quote for window film

Stockfilms is one of the most respected names in the window film industry, and when you want to be sure of choosing the film that represents the best choice for your own organisation, all that you have to do is get in touch with our team for advice.

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Our anti-fog window film can be instrumental in reducing condensation

At this time of year, residential and commercial properties alike can suffer from an especially great amount of condensation. This may not seem like much reason for concern when the condensation’s effects are restricted to your windows, but when it begins to have wider implications for your property, you may be moved to investigate solutions to the problem.

Why should I be concerned about condensation?

Condensation occurs when warm air and cold surfaces collide, or when a property’s humidity levels are too high. It is most strongly associated with the winter months, which is when central heating is often switched on in the cooler hours of the mornings and evenings.

Any indoor activity that releases warm moisture into the air – such as showering, cooking or drying clothes – can effectively cause condensation, due to this moisture-packed warm air coming into contact with a cold surface. This results in the air cooling down quickly and releasing the water, which turns into liquid droplets on the cold surface.

As harmless as a little bit of water on the inside surfaces of your windows may seem, if condensation isn’t swiftly tackled, it can encourage the growth of black mould on your walls, ceilings and across your windows. Such mould is not only unsightly, but can also lead to unpleasant health problems such as skin rashes, sinus issues and even bronchitis.

Enter our 50-micron and 100-micron anti-fog film

While there are various means by which condensation can be tackled within a domestic or business property – such as simply using a squeegee to clean water droplets from windows as soon as they begin to develop, or installing a dehumidifier – we can offer you a very cost-effective alternative, in the form of our acclaimed anti-fog film.

Our anti-fog window film products are available in both 50-micron and 100-micron varieties, and incorporate a special anti-condensation layer designed to spread the water across the surface of the glass. This helps to improve the level of visibility through the windows.

Whichever anti-fog window film option of ours you specify, it is suitable for application to most types of glass, and can be depended on to provide a high level of optical clarity. It can be quickly installed, including on a retro-fit basis where the large-scale replacement of existing glazing would be too expensive or disruptive.

When one also considers the scratch-resistance of our anti-fog window films that mean they can be cleaned by most non-abrasive methods, as well as their screening of harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) rays that helps to minimise the fading of your interior furnishings, it should become obvious why Stockfilms has become so renowned for window films in this category.

Request more information about our anti-fog films today

While we have the utmost confidence in the suitability of our anti-fog window film products for a vast range of settings, we do recommend that all prospective users perform an in-situ trial with the product before committing to a purchase.

Why not ask for more information about our anti-fog window film options, together with a competitive quote, by calling 020 8441 0449 now?


5 reasons to source your Window Film from Stockfilms

When your organisation is attempting to identify the best company from which to purchase window film on a wholesale basis, it is understandable that you may struggle to choose from a wide range of convincing-looking suppliers.

We therefore thought that to assist you with your decision-making, we would outline just a few reasons why Stockfilms is such a wise choice of window film provider.

        1. We have been around for longer than almost anyone else

With a history dating back to 1976, we have spent many decades specifying and handling window film, both architectural and automotive, across a vast range of categories. We are therefore well-placed to assist with even the most obscure and specialised needs.

        2. Multiple leading brands are available from us

While our window film range largely consists of the complete selection of Opalux products, we also supply films from several other well-regarded brands, including 3M, MACal and American Standard Window Film (ASWF).

        3. The complete assortment of vital window film tools and accessories

Stockfilms is a dependable source of every tool and accessory that you could conceivably require for the application and removal of your window film.

Handled and card squeegees, scrapers and replacement blades, knives, sprayers, specialist auto tools, glass meters, testers and indicators and protective clothing are just some of the items that can be bought from us for reasonable prices.

        4. A second-to-none standard of technical support

No company knows window film quite as well as Stockfilms does. We provide extensive technical information on our website, including in our helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.

Alternatively, if there is a query that we have not answered online, you are welcome to call our team directly on 020 8441 0449.

        5. We will almost certainly have whatever window film solution you require

Are you mainly motivated to invest in window film for the purpose of solar control, safety, privacy, the promotion of your organisation’s brand, or something different altogether?

We know that the range of reasons for which a given customer of ours may purchase window film can be almost infinite, and we are accustomed to catering to even the most demanding requests.

Whatever your company may require from window film, Stockfilms will work hard to make it possible, drawing upon truly industry-leading expertise. Simply call our team now, on 020 8441 0449, to ask for a quote, in the knowledge that we can also provide you with free A4 samples of all of our products.   


Treat your window film well to make sure it lasts for longer

Whatever your reasons are for investing in our window film in the first place – whether you are motivated by the need for solar control, safety, privacy or even just great aesthetics – you will need to look after yours appropriately to ensure it continues to deliver exceptional performance for a long time to come.

What should I look out for after installation?

Here at Stockfilms, we take great pride in only offering the most professional and durable window film available. As long as your film has been properly fitted, you shouldn’t have many concerns about its condition, with any changes that you observe over the first two weeks after installation simply a natural part of the bonding process.

Don’t worry if your window film has any water bubbles or looks slightly milky or hazy immediately after installation – any such effects will vanish over a week or two as the film bonds to the glass. The result will be an immaculate appearance that leaves casual observers unaware that any kind of window film is present at all.

How should the window film be cleaned?

It is important to avoid cleaning your glass at all until the film has dried, given the sun’s role in creating a strong bond between the film and the glass. Allow for 30 days after installation before cleaning the glass for the first time, which should always be done with a soft clean cloth or a rubber squeegee, rather than coarse paper towels.

Brushes, pure ammonia and industrial-strength cleaners should all also be avoided when you come to clean your window film. If you do inadvertently cause deep scratches or cuts to your safety or security film, we would urge you to get in touch with your dealer so that it can be immediately replaced.

Place your trust in Stockfilms

Would you like to receive more advice and guidance in relation to our wealth of window film options, as well as how you can best look after your film to keep it in the best condition for a long time to come? If so, don’t hesitate to contact our professional team today by calling 020 8441 0449 or completing and submitting our straightforward online form.

How to quickly and safely remove your existing window film

Amid your eagerness to invest in the right window film for your desired application, it can be easy to overlook the importance of how the film is to be removed from your glass when it is no longer required. You may need to remove your window film for all manner of sometimes unexpected reasons, so it is helpful to keep this guide to one side to consult whenever you need it in future.

If you are looking to remove a particular window film right now, the good news is that this is a generally straightforward process. However, the ease of the task will depend on such factors as the exact type of film that you would like to remove, as well as the length of time for which it has been applied to your window.

What will I need to oversee my film’s removal?

There are certain items that you will need to have to hand when you come to remove your window film. These include the likes of a 6” razor scraper, razor scraper replacements, newspaper, window cleaning squeegee, window cloth and soapy water solution, consisting of one teaspoon of soap to one pint of water.

If you would like to try the alternative method detailed on the Stockfilms website, you will also require Rapid Remover adhesive remover, which – like many of the aforementioned products – can be found in our well-stocked range of tools and accessories.

The steps to follow for stress-free window film removal

While the actual removal of your window film is as straightforward as simply peeling the film off the glass – which may happen neatly or if you are slightly less fortunate, small pieces – there are other steps that you will need to take to also remove the adhesive left on your window.

First, you will need to spray the adhesive with the soapy water solution, ensuring a good level of coverage so that it is easier to remove. This can be followed by applying sheets of newspaper to the adhesive and leaving for about 20 minutes, or for as long as it takes for the adhesive to soften.

Once the adhesive is soft enough, you will be able to scrape it off with the razor scrapers, which should be done carefully to prevent the glass from being scratched. Then, with the adhesive having been removed, you will be able to clean the glass with the soapy solution and cleaning squeegee, before finally drying it with the window cloth.

As we have mentioned above, this is not the only potential way to remove your window film; the alternative method involves applying Rapid Remover neat to the adhesive after the film has been peeled off, before scraping it all off with the razor scraper.

Trust Stockfilms as your go-to window film supplier

More details about how to remove your window film can be found on the dedicated page of our website. In the meantime, if you are yet to order window film from us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team, on 020 8441 0449, to request a competitive quote.

Oversee the successful application of our window films with these top tips

With our wealth of highly relevant and effective automotive and architectural window films from such in-demand brands as Opalux, 3M, MACal and American Standard Window Film, we can bring you the product that will best suit the needs of your business or customers.

However, do you know how to install your ordered window film once it has arrived? If you haven’t applied window films previously or for a while, these tips may help.

Have the essential materials and tools at the ready

Before you commence with fitting the window film, you will need to have certain essential items to hand, including a spray bottle, ruler, single edge razor blades, trimming knife, window cleaning squeegee, application squeegee and paper towel.

Make sure the surface and conditions are right

We would urge you not to apply our window films to rough or cast glass surfaces or to any architectural window glazing surface that curves in two directions. Nor should you attempt to apply the film when outside temperatures drop below 5° C or if there is risk of freezing conditions overnight following installation.

Thoroughly clean the window prior to application

This is the single most important step if you wish to install your film with the best possible results. You can do this by placing a dust sheet on the floor or carpet adjacent to the window on which you’ll be working, before washing the window with the solution and squeegee and scraping the entire surface with the razor scraper.

A microfiber cloth or low-lint cloth should be used to clean the edges of the glass and frame, followed by washing and squeegeeing again and wiping the edges carefully with a paper towel.

Take great care in handling the film

Our window films are very thin, so can be vulnerable to creases, folding, draught and dust when not carefully handled. This, in turn, may greatly compromise your ability to achieve a smooth result when applying your film.

Do not clean the window immediately after application

Instead, allow four weeks to pass before cleaning the window like a normal window. However, even then, you should only use soft leather or a cloth and clean water, rather than anything abrasive.

Consult the film installation section of our website here at Stockfilms to learn more about how you can ensure the most successful application of our window films, time and time again. Alternatively, if you are yet to order any window films from us, please call us for a quote on 020 8441 0449.


Don’t look anywhere else for window film accessories

Whether it is your own company or your firm’s customers that wish to make use of our acclaimed architectural or automotive window films, it makes sense to have the right accessories to hand – and you cannot expect to find a better selection of such accessories than those we are pleased to make available here at Stockfilms.

Having been in the window film industry since 1976, we are well-placed to appreciate what the users of such films require if they are to get the best out of them.

This is why our complete range of window film accessories includes no shortage of handled and card squeegees and replacement blades – so whether you’re in need of brass soft squeegees, card squeegee sharpeners, crusher handles, Teflon cards, the Go Doctor Blue or all manner of similar items, we’re confident that we’ll have them in stock for you.

But there’s more to our range than that...

Alternatively, it may be that you are in need of any number of scrapers from brands such as Triumph and Unger, made from plastic, metal or stainless steel. Or perhaps you could benefit from knives, trimmers, rulers, snap-off blades or specialist auto tools such as Wilde gasket pullers, FilmOpaquer black felt pen or ‘Do Not Roll Down’ stickers?

Another well-stocked category among our window film accessories is that of sprayers, chemicals and cleaning products – whether you’re looking for microfiber cloth, a nylon scrub pad, bottle of Film-On application solution, Plexus silicone spray or tint-off adhesive remover, we’ve got it all here at Stockfilms.

We also have various glass meters, testers and indicators in stock, together with the likes of application toolkits, film cutting machines and even protective and work wear to help ensure that your employees are as equipped as they can be to undertake the full breadth of window film application and removal jobs.

We are a trusted name in window films

Our reputation for the wholesale distribution of both architectural and automotive window film is second to none here at Stockfilms – we are known across the UK for our honesty, reliability and outstanding products, customer service and technical support.

In short, there really couldn’t be a better single company from which to source a formidable selection of window film accessories on a wholesale basis. Why not enquire now about the products that will best serve your own company?

We offer a strong assortment of automotive American Standard Window Film

The American Standard Window Film brand is one of the most renowned in the window film industry, as is demonstrated in part by a selection of its products that we have available here at Stockfilms. From its new factory located in Las Vegas, Nevada, American Standard Window Film – a division of Erickson International, LLC – continues to produce high-quality window films catering to the needs of users not only in its native US, but also right here in the UK.

On browsing our range of automotive window films from the American Standard Window Film brand here at Stockfilms, you will immediately notice that there are three series of films available – Retro, Impulse and Excel.  

What does each of these window film series do?

As you may have guessed from the name, the Retro series is a collection of automotive window films that celebrates the nostalgic style of the past, albeit also with advancements for today. It is a non-reflective film with a classic appearance, but which also incorporates sophisticated technology to ensure an excellent level of colour stability and clarity.

Retro is also a superb choice of automotive window film on account of its ultraviolet rejection of 99%, as well as its comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and variety of available roll widths, the latter helping to minimise waste.

With Retro also being a highly installer-friendly film, offering excellent heat-shrinking, sitting down well on the dot matrix and incorporating a very good scratch-resistant coating, it should be no surprise that this is the bestselling American Standard Window Film automotive film in the UK.

Another highly regarded series of automotive films from American Standard Window Film is Excel, which is a non-reflecting black colour stable dyed film that offers a high level of durability to both professionals and consumers.

Finally, we can also offer Impulse, which is for customers who want a metallised rather than non-metallised film. It is a colour-stable charcoal film complete with a reflective metallised layer, making it a great choice when both comfort and an attractive appearance are priorities for you from your choice of automotive film.

Discover our all-encompassing American Standard Window Film range today

Whatever you could conceivably require from automotive window film, there is likely to be an option from American Standard Window Film that represents the perfect match to those needs.

Why not browse our current online selection of films from this renowned brand on our website today, before getting in touch with us on 020 8441 0449 to request a competitive quote?