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What options can we give you for internal low emissivity window film?

Of all of the reasons for our sustained popularity as a supplier of window film to specifiers and end users alike, one of the key ones is unquestionably our ability to source the ideal solar control film for a vast range of practical and aesthetic requirements.

It is to this end that you can order such sought-after and high-performing window films from us as external and internal reflective film, external and internal low mirror film, internal tinted film, internal coloured film and solar reflective film for polycarbonate windows.

However, in this particular blog post, our chief focus is on the low emissivity window film which, like many of the other options in our solar control film range, is applied internally.

An introduction to our low emissivity window films

The window films that we can provide in this category here at Stockfilms are largely from the renowned Opalux brand, and differ from other solar control films by virtue of a Low-E coating on their interior facing surface.

This Low-E coating is invaluable if you often have problems with a high level of heat escaping through your building’s glazed areas during the colder months. This helps to ensure that you don’t have to spend quite so much on heating to keep temperatures on your premises at an optimum level for workers, which also assists in minimising your organisation’s carbon footprint.

The right specialised window film for your specialised needs

It’s important to bear in mind that while our low emissivity window films make a lot of sense during the winter when as much heat as possible needs to be retained within your firm’s buildings, they are equally invaluable when it’s warmer, thanks to their strong solar heat and glare rejection properties.

This should certainly be apparent with one glance at the specification sheet of our Low-E Neutral 50 film, which offers up to 99% ultraviolet light (UV) filtering and can be instrumental in alleviating the discomfort that excessive heat often causes. This film is joined in our range by the Low-E Reflective Silver 20 product, which also offers daytime one-way privacy and a uniform appearance.

Another acclaimed low emissivity window film that you may wish to consider is Penjerex Energy-Saving Film. This clear film can be installed on any window and delivers real insulation benefits, reducing energy loss through glass by up to 40%, retaining 94% of radiative heat inside during the winter and lowering the inside temperature by as much as 5 °C in warmer conditions.

For the highest-rated window film in almost every conceivable form and category, Stockfilms is the only supplier to which you should ever feel the need to turn. Give us a call on 020 8441 0449 now for a quick and reasonable quote. 

Emergency glazing film is a stress-free short-term solution

Not all window film is necessarily designed for months or years of use, and nor is that always desirable. Sometimes, it is convenient and cost-effective temporary film that best suits an end user’s requirements, as our trusted emergency glazing film here at Stockfilms demonstrates.

Why would you need emergency glazing film?

This is the term used for window film that is applied on a temporary basis to broken glass, to help to ensure no shards of glass fall out and pose a safety hazard to anyone nearby. Such film also prevents the glass from cracking any further when it is being removed from the frame and replaced. 

Our own Emergency Glazing 175 – so-named because of its 175-micron thickness – is a clear polyester window film that comes on a paper liner, meaning the user can trim the film to the necessary size before fitting it to the glass to ensure the neatest appearance.

The clear polyester nature of this film preserves visibility through the window and allows light to continue passing through. It also provides a certain amount of waterproofing, in addition to being a more visually appealing temporary solution than a boarded up window.

How to make the most of this easy-to-use film

One of the other key benefits of this window film is that no specialist training or tools are required to apply it to glass after breakage. However, it is vital to take care when fitting it, in recognition of the dangerous nature of broken glass.

To that end, users of this window film – whether they need to apply it in a school, office, shop, hospital or other public setting – should first ensure that the frame is clean. If the pane is small, they can pull the film off the roll, cut it to size and stick it directly over the breakage. For larger panes, however, the user is advised to peel a few centimetres off the roll and stick it to the top of the frame, before pulling down over the breakage and trimming off to the desired length.

While it is also important to smooth the film onto the glass so that it sticks, users are advised against applying too much pressure, especially where jagged breaks are involved.

Could this be the emergency window film that perfectly suits your own organisation’s requirements? If you suspect the answer is ‘yes’, get in touch with the Stockfilms team today – by calling 020 8441 0449 or emailing sales@stockfilms.co.uk – to request a competitive quote.


When might you prefer shade material to window film?

While we are principally known here at Stockfilms for the window film on which we have built our industry-leading reputation for more than 40 years, you may also be interested in our selection of shade material, which can represent an excellent window film alternative for certain needs.

Specifiers and end-users alike may opt for shade material instead of window film for applications where privacy is sometimes desirable, and sometimes not.

Our own shade material enables rooms to benefit from natural light, while still reducing the amount of unwanted heat and glare experienced by occupants, thereby also making it a potentially more suitable solution than fabric shades.

We offer different shade material options for different needs

When you are choosing between our shade material, you may be mainly attracted to our Bronze/Bronze option, due to its bronze appearance that helps to give a room a neutral colour, combined with an extra layer of silver metalised polyester between the films for superior heat rejection. Despite the latter feature, the overall appearance to the glass is still a low-impact one.

However, the very fact that silver reflects away more heat than a neutral appearance may mean that if you desire the very greatest solar control, it is our Bronze/Silver shade material that you purchase. The silver used on this product’s exterior face also provides enhanced privacy looking in.

Alternatively, why not consider our Grey/Grey shade material when you wish to minimise its visual impact in the room? Again, however, an additional layer of silver metalised polyester is used between the films to maximise the product’s heat rejection capabilities.

Finally, we can also offer Grey/Silver shade material that significantly reduces glare, but which also still enables good visibility inside looking out. When you are seeking a product that will reflect a high amount of solar energy outside to save energy and make your buildings’ occupants more comfortable, it is difficult to envisage a better option than this.

Stockfilms can be your trusted window film specialists

Whether you are seeking window film or a similar solution for all manner of external and internal glass surfaces for which you have responsibility, there’s little need to look further than Stockfilms. Why not call our team today, on 020 8441 0449, to receive a quote better than you can expect to find anywhere else?





The ASWF Retro series automotive window film evokes a glorious past

There’s a lot that one might expect from a window film for the car, including good looks, durability and technological sophistication – and if there’s a brand to which one can turn and expect the highest standard of such window film, it has to be American Standard Window Film (ASWF).

Classic window film that is absolutely worth the hype

The headline benefit of the Retro range of automotive window film is that it celebrates the nostalgic style of the past, while incorporating the perfect advancements for today. In short, it’s an ideal solution for application to classic cars.

However, the advantages of investing in this acclaimed window film go so much further and deeper than this; it is, after all, the bestselling ASWF automotive film in the UK.

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, the non-reflective Retro film is capable of 99% ultraviolet rejection and sports an extremely durable hard coat. Such is the high level of technology incorporated into this film, that it is installer friendly while also offering excellent heat shrink and back window adherence properties, saving both time and labour costs.

So many perks from our strongest-selling automotive window film

It’s difficult to know where to start – or end – in any discussion of the many characteristics that serve to make this popular window film a true industry leader.

This is a film that offers superb colour stability and clarity. It can be purchased in a variety of roll widths to minimise waste, and also comes with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

While all of the specifications of Retro window film that you can purchase here at Stockfilms – including 5, 15, 20, 35 and 50 – provide the same level of UV rejection, they do differ in terms of their light transmission and the percentage of solar energy that they reject. For the entry-level Retro 5, for instance, the latter measure is 50%, while for the Retro 50 film, it is 35%.

If there’s any automotive window film that ably demonstrates one can enjoy exceptional quality at an exceptional price, it is the ASWF Retro series! Nor is there any superior place to order it than Stockfilms – so call 020 8441 0449 today to learn more about the film and to complete your purchase.



Exploring the many possibilities of frosted window film

Frosted films are a significant subcategory of our privacy-oriented window film here at Stockfilms, with our present ranges including Opalux Frosted, MACal Frosted and 3M Frosted, carefully selected with the benefit of our more than four decades’ experience in window films.

So, which are the frosted films in our present selection that may best suit your current requirements as a specifier or end-user?

Industry-leading two-way privacy screening films

When you are seeking out translucent privacy screening film that can be depended on to provide two-way privacy while still permitting the passage through the window of a good level of natural light, you may never need to look beyond the Opalux Frosted range.

Popular options that we can presently offer here include Fine Acid Etch films in Bronze, Smoke and White, which are ideal for giving glass partitions a pleasingly uniform appearance, as well as Medium Sandblast film for when a more transparent look than standard frost film is desired.

Alternatively, look to the MACal Frosted range

MACal is one of the most respected names in window film, which should make it unsurprising that we can offer its translucent, high-performance frosted films for both indoor and outdoor settings.

One could barely choose a better type of film when an etched, frosted or sandblasted effect is sought for the decoration of windows and glass decor. MACal’s Frosted high-performance matt vinyl films can be ordered in such variants as Blue, Luxurious Gold, Romantic Rose, Silver Etch and Sparkling Yellow, although Dusted White is also available for those desiring an alternative finish.

Finally, for those more unique effects...

Various special effects are frequently requested by those looking for frosted window film, in which case, 3M’s Frosted films may well be ideal.

Opt for Dusted Crystal film if you would like to achieve the uniform appearance of etched glass, or consider the many Frosted Crystal films we can offer if a sandblasted look is preferred. The latter films can be bought in such shades as Blue, Gold, Mint, Rose and White, and are known for their unique glittery sparkle and a transparent synthetic liner that enables the easy cutting of designs.

Request your quote for any of the aforementioned frosted window film from the Stockfilms team today, by calling 020 8441 0449.

Temporary Protection film can be invaluable during building and restoration work

No building or site remains the same forever, and it may be that construction or restoration work is required, potentially putting nearby windows at risk of scratching or dirt.

It is with the aim of shielding such glass from harm that you may order the Temporary Protection film of the Opalux brand, with this solution also a good form of protection when panels of glass need to be handled, transported and installed.

What makes this window film such a wise investment?

The Temporary Protection film that we can provide here at Stockfilms is a special kind of window film, consisting of thin polyester with a low tac and an easy peel. This enables the film to be cleanly removed with no glue residue. It is also a clear film, which means vision through the glass is not compromised during the building or restoration work.

The film of this nature that we supply is Opalux’s TPWF-40CL Clear Temporary Protection Film, which is a self wound polyethylene film with an acrylic adhesive. All in all, it is an ideal solution for the protection of delicate glass surfaces against dirt and damage.

Bear the following in mind when using this product

As useful as our Temporary Protection film can be, there are also various important caveats about its use. The film must be stored at a temperature of less than 40°c and in the original packaging. It must also be used within six months after the date of receipt, with its period of exposure to light and air not exceeding six weeks.

A good application is also only achievable when the surface is free from fat, oils, solvents, dust and/or other extraneous substances. It is also vital to avoid excessive tension and the formation of folds or bubbles in the film, which should only be applied in temperatures of between 10°c and 40°c.

Window film that you can rely on

This highly specialised form of window film can be purchased in rolls measuring 1200mm (47”) wide by 100m long. However, you are advised to always contact the Stockfilms team first to discuss with us which film is best suited to the needs of your given application.

Contact our customer service team now on 020 8441 0449, and we will help to ensure that you make the right choice of window film.


Why should you be interested in our UV digital printable film?

Having been a key player in the window film industry for more than four decades, here at Stockfilms, we are always seeking out new and useful forms of window film to cater to the extremely wide-ranging needs of our customers.

This is why, within our extensive selection of privacy film, we are pleased to be able to provide UV digital printable film that represents an excellent solution for ensuring images applied to glass surfaces clearly stand out.

How does our UV printable film work?

The UV printable film that we offer in both 50 and 100-micron forms from Opalux is distortion-free, so you can be assured that whatever glass surfaces you install it on, your images will be clear. Those images can be printed onto the film by most wide-format UV cured inkjet printers.

Whichever film of these two options you choose, you can look forward to an easy installation process, high optical clarity and the effective screening of harmful UV rays. All of the UV digital printable film in our stock is also PVC-free.

Both of these films are internally applied, use removable acrylic adhesive and incorporate a 20-micron silicone coated PET liner. However, there are also key differences – for example, while the 50-micron film transmits 72% of visible light, this rises to 86% for the 100-micron version. In addition, the 100-micron film is provided with a scratch-resistant coating that is suitable for most non-abrasive window-cleaning methods.

The complete solution, from the complete window film specialists

Whether your greatest priority for UV printable film is environmental friendliness, the reduced fading of interior furnishings, quick and convenient installation or simply a genuinely clear, non-tinted appearance on glass, you can be assured that our window film in this category will live up to your highest expectations.

It is certainly the least that you should expect from Stockfilms, which takes pride in distributing the highest standard of architectural window film on a wholesale basis.

Where there is a need within an organisation’s premises to apply a bespoke design onto glass to incorporate the company’s branding or simply improve the appearance of the surrounding space, there can be no superior solution to our present selection of UV printable window film.

Many varieties of external solar control window film can be purchased from us

When the time comes to invest in externally applied window film that provides an impeccable level of solar control, the time is right to investigate the extensive selection of such architectural films that we can offer here at Stockfilms.

Why choose our external reflective window film?

One of our most sought-after types of solar control window film is Opalux’s external reflective window film. It offers impressive weather resistance due to its incorporation of additional UV barriers that help to prevent the film from degrading as a result of sustained exposure to the sun.

This external reflective window film also has a strong waterproof adhesive, and is a popular choice when inside access isn’t possible to enable the film to be fitted internally. You may also choose this window film for a certain type of glass, such as laminated, Georgian-wired, heavy tinted glass or some double or triple glazing.

But we are also delighted to offer external low mirror film

Alternatively, if the mirrored appearance of our solar reflective film doesn’t feel right for your own application, you might prefer the more neutral tinted look that our Low Mirror external films – also of the Opalux brand – can provide.

Despite the difference in appearance, these window films still provide a good level of solar heat and glare control, whether you opt for the Sputtered Bronze 20, Sputtered Bronze 35, Sputtered Grey 20 or Sputtered Grey 35 specification.

Whatever your requirements, we can cater to them

It may be that none of the above options fulfils all of your needs from external solar control window film. In that case, you will be pleased to learn of the alternative solutions we can offer that are non-metallised, but still effective at reducing solar heat or glare.

In such a specialised setting as a restaurant, shop or showroom, for instance, there is frequently a need for a reduction in solar heat while still allowing for plenty of light and vision. That’s where Opalux’s External Clear Heat Control film can come in greatly useful, not least as it is virtually invisible and therefore won’t be noticed by occupants of your building.

Finally, for when the excellent alleviation of solar glare problems or the creation of one-way privacy effects is needed, the Opalux External NR Grey 10 non-reflective grey/black tinted exterior grade film can also be a very good solution. It is especially suitable for installations where low external reflection is desired.

We are the experts in external solar control films

Do any of these external window film options sound like they could address your own requirements for solar control, whether as a specifier or end user? In that case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Stockfilms team today for further advice and a quote, by calling 020 8441 0449.




Separating the facts from the myths about window film

A lot of things are frequently said about both automotive and architectural window film – including bombastic claims and sensationalised warnings that might not bear much scrutiny in reality.

As one of the UK’s premier window film specialists here at Stockfilm, we therefore decided to take a closer look at some of the things that you should and shouldn’t worry about when it comes to the various and wide-ranging products in our range.

Yes, external films can be applied internally

External window film is suitable for internal application, although unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the external use of internal films. This is because the way internal film is processed renders it unable to withstand external weather and UV rays.

Nor would we recommend the installation of architectural window film on auto glass; for that purpose, we would point you in the direction of our dedicated automotive window films

No, window film shouldn’t be installed by just anyone

Window film is a specialised product that requires specialised expertise and skills as far as its handling and application are concerned. We would always recommend that you have your window film fitted by a professional installer who realises just how fragile and easily damaged it can be.

Yes, those worrying water bubbles will disappear

It is understandable that you may be concerned by the visibility of a few small particles or “points” after installation. However, you shouldn’t be, as they are mere light reflections that are inherent to film adhesives.

In any case, such bubbles can generally only be seen from the outside and will disappear over time.

No, you can’t expect constant one-way privacy

However much we might wish otherwise, there is unfortunately no window film on the market that can provide complete one-way privacy on a 24-hour basis.

This is due to the way one-way privacy films work – they are dependent on the light level on each side of the glass, so at night or any other time when it is darker on the ‘public’ side than on the ‘private’ side, the actual privacy provided reverses.

Yes, baby shampoo can be used for your slip solution

As detailed in our comprehensive window film installation guide, when you are preparing the glass for the film to be applied, you are advised to make a slip solution in a spray bottle, using one teaspoon of Film-on Application solution to one pint of cold water.

While we would certainly recommend Film-on Application solution above all alternatives – and it can be purchased from Stockfilms – there is also the option of using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo if you have this to hand.


Would you like to learn more about the suitability or otherwise of certain window film solutions for certain purposes? If so, we would urge you to consult our wider Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section or contact our team directly, so that we can advise and guide you.



For unique control of the view outside, choose our Vision Control Film

Long-time users of the highly innovative Lumisty window film will be well aware of how effective this film is in controlling what is visible or hidden from sight. Unfortunately, this product is now discontinued, but an alternative exists in the form of the Vision Control Film that we are delighted to be able to offer here at Stockfilms.

Like Lumisty, our Vision Control Film provides a unique way of controlling the view through the window. From certain angles, this film provides a clear view through the glass, but from other angles, the view becomes frosted.

There are four types of Vision Control Film to choose from – namely Clear-Misty-Clear (X-1515), Misty-Clear-Clear (Y-2555), Misty-Clear-Misty (Z-2555) and Misty-Misty/Clear-Clear (W-0055). Such a product range maximises the breadth of possibility for controlling visibility through your firm’s windows, while creating a novel effect for everyone who passes by the glass.

A truly impressive unconventional window film

Choose Vision Control Film when you require a window film that transmits approximately 88% of the visible light, regardless of whether it is clear or frosted. This film also significantly cuts damaging UV light transmission and protects the glass against shattering in the event of breakage, its hard-coated surface even helping to minimise scratches.

What do you need to bear in mind when installing this film?

In view of the unique and delicate nature of Vision Control Film, it is important to take certain precautions before, during and after installation.

These precautions include only installing the film in interior settings on flat glass surfaces, and not in places characterised by high humidity or high temperatures, such as bathrooms, swimming pools or outdoor environments.

It is also recommended that in view of this window film’s thickness and directional effect, installation is only carried out by highly skilled and professional window installers. A test installation should be undertaken before definitive application.

Finally, for maintenance purposes, it is advised that this window film is treated in the same way as an LCD monitor, again in recognition of its unique and delicate nature.

Place your order from Stockfilms today

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We are premier stockists and distributors for many of the leading forms of architectural and automotive window film available today, and can provide the solutions that best suit your requirements – at the right price.